Cafeteria-Bits and Bytes
A typical cafeteria is not just about food; it is about ideas.

The cafeteria at the campus is an ideal place to chill out after the hectic class schedule. It provides the students the much needed platform to relax and recharge for the subsequent sessions. Also, it provides a space for professional dialogue where the students can have discussions on various topics/projects of interest over a cup of hot/cold coffee. The environment of the cafeteria stimulates and energizes the students by offering a wide choice of food, light snacks and hot and cold beverages.

What we eat is what we are! A healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body. At IMS Unison University we always keep this in mind. The centrally air conditioned cafeteria follows a menu that is designed by a team of professional dieticians. The food items comprising nutrition and wholesome food ensure a well-balanced diet. The centrally air-conditioned cafeteria is open from 8 am to 8 pm and serves delicious snacks, food and beverages including a variety of Indian, Chinese and Italian food and refueling blends of coffee and tea. The beverages like Soft drinks, Shakes, juices, Soups, and a wide range of ice-cream are the major attraction. Hygiene and taste are the focal points of all preparations in this cafeteria.