Language Lab
"Besides a good academic record, continuous information gathering and skill building are the immediate necessities for the present day students to build a professional career. Effective communication skills are required to make students more articulate and presentable in the job market and educational institutions must ensure that students are equipped with necessary skill-sets. Also, effective communication skills play a significant role during recruitment process of most companies.

At IUU, we endeavour to bridge this gap and ensure that the students are equipped with the necessary skill sets. Our Language Laboratory that is an all-digital computer lab is well equipped to impart the knowledge of basic skills in English. The lab is designed to cater the changing modes of student learning, and remains up-to-date with format of materials available for foreign language study, as well as advancements in digital technology. The lab accommodates individual study as well as group study, with delivery of audio and visual materials in digital format. The Lab helps to inculcate the practical skills of communication which include discussion sessions, presentations, mock meetings, mock interviews with the prime objective of developing all round personality, particularly the qualities of leadership, dynamism, team building, positive value based attitude and confidence among the scholars. Internet resources with educational content coexist with the more traditional media such as films, audio files and instructional CDs.

The students actively participate in the learning process with the help of Hi-Tech Audio Visual Equipments for pronunciation, listening, reading, writing and presentation skills and interactive Language learning activities. It helps the students to build their confidence and become good orators. It is extensively useful for all students and teachers to enhance their teaching learning process.