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LL.B (Hons.) (3 Year Program)
About the Program
LL.B (Hons.) Program offered by the University is a three years program spread over six semesters. It empowers students with skills and knowledge in the field of law to play a lead role in various disciplines anywhere in the world. It is designed to provide overall development of a student to strengthen to face the need of hour and global challenges. In view of self dependency and latest updates, subjects like computer applications, foreign language have also been covered in the program. For practical exposure, the students are sent for Internship to various organizations concerning legal activities.
Salient features of the program include:
  • A week long Foundation program to build strong base in major law subjects such as  Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence and Criminal Law etc.
  • Case based Teaching Pedagogy.
  • Regular Guest lectures by renowned Professors, Jurists and Legal Luminaries from across the globe.
  • Regular Court visits.
  • Choice of International/National Legal Tours as an integral part of the program.
  • Regular Personality Development Programs and Workshops by leading Law Professionals.
  • 100% Placements support.
Workshops & Seminars
Workshops and Seminars are an integral part of the program curriculum where seminars/workshops on relevant functional areas are conducted on regular basis, including the following:
  • Workshop on “Client Counseling ”
  • Workshop on “Process of Filing Petitions”
  • Workshop on “Police Accountability”
  • Workshop on “Judicial Activism”
  • Workshop on “Court Room Presentation Skills”
  • Seminar on “Trends and Traits of Future Lawyering”
  • Seminar on “ Challenges related to Women and Juveniles ”
  • Seminar on “Challenges of 21st Century Judicial System”
  • Seminar on “Emerging Trends in Cyber Law”
  • Seminar on “Law and Social Responsibility”


The University organizes Internship Program for the benefit of students at leading Law firms/NGOs, Advocates and Judges across the country. The internship program enables the students to experience the rigor of legal environment and combine the concepts learnt in classroom with the real-life situations in different fields.

By this training the student is expected to learn about the working of the legal experts and to have exposure to real Court Room. The objective is to equip the student with the knowledge of actual functioning of the legal luminaries and challenges before them. Students work with experienced supervisors in the Law Firms or Legal Organizations to develop skills in legislative drafting, opinion writing, client counseling, research, administrative and criminal practice, statutory analysis and interpretation, and application and enforcement of regulations. Through their work and class discussions, students are expected to develop awareness about the methods and functions of the legislative, regulatory and judicial authorities.

According to Sec 25 of The Schedule III (Part IV) of The BCI Rules each registered student in LLB shall complete internship of minimum of 12 weeks during the entire course.

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