IMS Unison University believes in fostering a professional environment in which students, faculty and staff members work together to achieve academic excellence. The University grooms the students to understand and practice self-responsibility to be fully equipped for a successful global career. Therefore, it is vital that every student accepts accountability and commitment to maintain discipline, decorum and conformity to all the Rules, Ordinances and Policies of the University.

  • The students shall be admitted to the University subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria as prescribed by the University.
  • Every student shall be allotted a registration number as per the program (courses of studies) to which he has been admitted. Such a registration number shall act as the "Roll number" of the student. This roll number shall only be allotted to the student by the University on his payment of all applicable fees & deposits and the submission of all documents and certificates as prescribed at the time of admission to the program.
  • A student registered for a program (courses of study), shall continue to remain registered for such a program, till he passes out the program or he withdraws from the program or as specified by the Ordinances made in this regard.
  • Every student admitted to the University shall be allotted an "Enrollment number" after paying the enrollment fee as prescribed by the University and submission of all the requisite documents certifying his eligibility to the program being admitted.
  • If the student has passed his previous qualification from other University, he shall submit the original Migration certificate from that University before allotment of the enrollment number.
  • Student already enrolled with the University need not re-apply for enrollment provided that he has not migrated to another University.
  • A student enrolled with the University shall continue to remain the student of the University till he obtains migration certificate from the University.
  • If a student desires to join the University on the basis of transfer of credits from other Institutes/Universities during the program, he shall be examined by the Equivalence Committee as per the procedure laid down in Ordinances of the University for his admission.

Every student will be given a copy of Program Ordinances, Curriculum and Syllabi, which specifies all the academic requirements and provisions for the Program of study. The same is available on the University website ( The student and parent(s) must read these documents so that they are well aware of the academic requirements of the University. The students are required to comply with all the ordinances and guidelines issued by the University from time to time.

Few important points (from the Program Ordinances) are outlined below:

  • Every eligible student shall be required to register for the Courses at the beginning of each academic term (semester/trimester/summer), on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar and/or notifications issued by the University from time to time in this regard.
  • The process of registration is prescribed in the Program Ordinances of the University and all the students shall mandatorily follow the same.
  • A student will be permitted to register for the academic term only after clearance from the Finance Department of the University for all fees/ dues/ other charges as may be applicable.
  • Registration is critical as it implies that the student is eligible and included in the nominal rolls for the specific academic term (semester/trimester/summer). Failure to comply with the registration process within the stipulated time as mentioned below will result in late fine/striking off the name of the student from the rolls.
  • Registering late for the program with late fee shall not entitle any student to claim for the benefit of attendance in the program.
  • The sole responsibility for registering in person and in time as specified in the Academic Calendar in a semester/ trimester/summer term will be that of the student.
Registration in the Academic Term Late Fine
Within 3 days of the date of commencement of the Academic term as per the academic calendar Nil
Fourth day upto 7 days of the date of commencement of the Academic term as per the academic calendar Rs. 2000/-
Eighth day upto 15 days of the date of commencement of the Academic term as per the academic calendar Rs. 4000/-
Sixteenth day upto 30 days of the date of commencement of the Academic term as per the academic calendar Rs. 7500/-
After 30 days of the date of commencement of the Academic term as per the academic calendar The name of the student shall be struck-off from the rolls of the University for the Academic term
Attendance Requirements

In order to maintain high standards and academic excellence, all students must attend every lecture, tutorial and practical classes. However, to account for late registration, self sickness, family calamity or other contingencies, the attendance requirement will be a minimum of 75% of the classes actually held in each course.

Provided further that if a student has been officially deputed to participate / represent University outside, he/she may be given relaxation in attendance requirement subject to a maximum of 10% by the Vice Chancellor on all account including medical exigencies on the recommendations of the Head of the Department/Dean of the School concerned.

A student with attendance less than required (i.e. 75% in normal cases and 65% with permission of the Vice Chancellor) in a course during the academic term will not be permitted to appear in the End Term examination and will be awarded "F" grade in that course irrespective of his/her performance in the Sessional (Continuous Evaluation) including Mid Term Examination.

Provided further that no student of Law programs shall be allowed to take end term examination in a course if the student concerned has not attended minimum of 70% classes held in the course concern as also the moot court room exercises, tutorials and practical training conducted in the subject taken together. Provided further that if a student for any exceptional reasons fail to attend 70% of the classes held in any subject, the Vice Chancellor may allow the student to take the End Term Examination if the student concerned attended at least 65% of the classes held in the course concern and attended 70% of classes in all the courses taken together.

A student with attendance less than 75% in a subject upto the conduct of the respective Mid Term examination(s) will not be permitted to appear in the Mid Term examination(s) for that particular subject(s) under any circumstances.

Continuous Evaluation, Examinations and Promotion:

The University follows the system of Continuous Evaluation, Examination & Promotion to maintain high standards of academic quality.

The process of Continuous Evaluation, Examinations and Promotion is prescribed in the Program Ordinances and all the students shall mandatorily follow the same.

A copy of the Program Ordinances shall be handed over to each student at the time of commencement of the Program and is also available on the University Website. Any further changes in the Program Ordinances shall be notified to all students separately.


The University is committed to the overall development and transformation of each student by providing different mandatory co-curricular activities like Value Added Programs, Personality Development Programs etc., and extra-curricular activities such as Sports, Cultural, Hobby Clubs, etc. Some Programs include mandatory National Study Tour, Internships and other Training Programs.

  • Attendance and participation in all such activities is compulsory.
  • Any student who does not fulfill the minimum attendance requirement of 75% in such activities may not be awarded the Certificates for such activities and will not be eligible for Placement facility of the University.

The University is committed to ensuring a conducive and transforming environment for the overall development of the student. Academic discipline and personal code of conduct is expected from every student. For the well-being of the student community, any violation of discipline and code of conduct will be strictly dealt with, including expulsion from the University.

Student Dress Code
  • Personal grooming and uniform dress code is very essential for self-esteem, sense of belongingness, pride in the University and readiness for professional life.
  • The University has prescribed a Uniform Dress Code for all students. A separate fee is charged by the University for Uniform and every new student will be provided with the following: 3 Black trousers, 3 full-sleeved white shirts, 1 Blazer, 1 Tie, 1 Pullover, 1 Bag, 1 T-shirt and 1 Tracksuit.
  • The student must be in the uniform (black trouser, full sleeved white shirt, University tie and formal black shoes) while in the University campus on all regular class days (Monday to Saturday) and on any special activities or events held on non-working days. Additionally, the University blazer, pullover or tracksuit may be worn as and when required.
  • Students representing the University in special events and competitions, in the University Campus or outside, must wear the University uniform and the University blazer.
  • Decorum of the University uniform should be maintained at all times by the students.
  • Loose tie-knot, folding of shirt / blazer sleeves is not permitted.
  • Attire and hair must be neat and tidy. Hairstyle should not be bizarre. Students will be asked to have their hair altered immediately, if they are found with inappropriate styles. Male students should have a neat haircut at all times with appropriate hair length. However, religious practices may be observed.
  • Any kind of tattooing or graffiti on person or University Uniform is prohibited and strict action will be taken in case of violation.
  • For games, sports and other similar activities, the students must wear the University T-shirt and/or tracksuit as required.
  • No student will be permitted to enter the University if not attired in the University uniform. A caution notice will be issued to a student violating the dress code. Subsequent violation will result in disciplinary action against the student.
  • The student will not be permitted to wear any casual/personal clothing in the University campus, except the boarders in the hostel compound.
Student Identity Card
  • Every student is provided with a University Identity Card. The student should wear and display the Identity Card at all times in the University campus.
  • A student will not be allowed into the University campus without the Identity Card.
  • A student must produce the Identity Card to use any University facility like Library, Infirmary, etc.
  • A student must return the Identity Card to the University Academic Cell at the time of passing out/withdrawal/ expulsion or when asked for. In case of failure to do so, deposits will be forfeited and certificates will not be issued.
  • Every student should preserve the Identity Card and not give it to any other student or outsider for any purpose. Any misuse of the University Identity Card (self or others) will lead to disciplinary action on the student, to the extent of expulsion from the University.
  • The University reserves the right to ask the students to surrender their Identity Card without assigning any reason.
University Class Timings
  • The Class timings are generally from 9:15 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. Backlog Courses/ Special Training Programs, Co-curricular/Extra-Curricular activities and extra classes are conducted from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. The University reserves the right to extend the class timings in the academic interest of the students.
  • Class time-table will be published at the beginning of each academic term.
  • Every student must be present inside the classroom on time for every class. Students who arrive late will not be permitted into the class and will be marked absent for that class.
  • University shall conduct the classes/activities, etc., as per the Annual Academic Calendar issued at the commencement of the academic year. However, the University shall reserve the right to make any changes in the academic calendar.
Student Discipline in the University Campus
  • Every student has to observe discipline, decorum and proudly contribute to the academic ambience and prestige of the University. Students must treat each other with dignity and spirit of friendship and brotherhood to create and nurture harmonious student community.
  • Every student must respect the faculty members and every staff member of the University.
  • A student shall not indulge in any act of indiscipline which includes:
    • Violation of Rules, Ordinances and Policies for Students of the IMS Unison University.
    • Misbehavior with a fellow student, faculty or staff or any person in the University.
    • Breach of an Undertaking or Declaration.
    • Refusal to obey the directions of the competent authorities.
    • Physical assault or threat to use physical force against any officer, academic staff, administrative staff, other employee or student of the University.
    • Shouting, whistling, use of verbal/written abuses, derogatory or un-parliamentary language/ terms against any officer, academic staff, administrative staff, other employee or student of the University.
    • Carrying, or use of, or threat to use, any weapons, prohibited items or chemicals.
    • Any violation of provisions of the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955.
    • Violation of status, dignity and honor of students belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
    • Any gender - related verbal or other derogatory act.
    • Creating ill-will or intolerance on religious or communal grounds.
    • Involvement fanatically in religious, political and group activities (based on caste, creed & place of residence) is against the code of conduct of the University and use of the campus for above mentioned purpose is strictly forbidden.
    • Distribution of literatures including CD, Cassettes pertaining to his/her religions, political views and group views are not permitted.
    • Any act of bribery or corruption.
    • Any kind of betting/gambling.
    • Any act of malpractice related to any examination conducted by the University.
    • Willful damage to any property of the University.
    • Littering in the campus including classrooms.
    • Causing disruption in any manner in the functioning of the University.
    • Bunking of classes/ University activities, loitering or being present in unauthorized places such as cafeterias, dhabas, etc., whether in campus or outside campus during the classes/activity are in progress.
    • Possession and/or use of banned/prohibited substances such as tobacco products, alcohol, narcotics, etc., within the premises of the University, including in-campus or out-campus hostels of the University.
    • Ragging.
    • Any other act of commission or omission, which constitutes indiscipline in the view of the Disciplinary Authority.
  • Any such act of indiscipline will be investigated by the Disciplinary Committee of the University. Based on the seriousness of the act of indiscipline, the disciplinary action on the guilty student shall be imposed which may range from fine, suspension to expulsion from the University.
  • All powers relating to discipline & disciplinary action shall vest with the Vice Chancellor who may delegate all or such powers, as he deems fit, to such other Person/Committee as he may specify in this regard.
  • The Vice Chancellor may, on the recommendation of a Committee constituted in this regard or on his own, order or direct that any student found guilty of indiscipline:-
    • Be kept under disciplinary probation for a stated period; or
    • Be suspended for a stated period; and/or
    • Be fined monetarily with a specified amount; and/or
    • That the result of the concerned student in the examination in which he has appeared be withheld for a stated period or cancelled; and/or
    • Be debarred from one or more examinations conducted by the University; and/or
    • Be debarred for a stated period; or
    • Be expelled from the University; or
    • Any other punishment which the Vice Chancellor may deem fit.
  • In case a student is found guilty of indiscipline and is punished as stated above, his/her scholarship (if awarded) under the University Scholarship Policy shall be withdrawn with immediate effect. He/she shall be liable to refund all amount received as Scholarship from the University from the date of admission.
  • The decision of the Vice Chancellor regarding punishment shall be final and not open to question.
Damage to University Property
  • For wilful breakage and damage to the University property, the replacement cost along with a fine will be imposed on the errant student. However, in case of accidental breakages, only the replacement cost of the article will be charged.
  • If an individual is not identified, then same will be charged to the entire group of students involved.
  • The decision of the Vice Chancellor in such cases shall be final.
List of Prohibited Articles and Substances:
  • Tobacco Products
  • Alcoholic Drinks and Narcotics
  • Drugs or Solvents
  • Crackers
  • Holi Colors
  • Weapons or replica of a weapon or any game of destructive nature
  • Pornographic material
  • Medicine other than prescribed by the examining physician
  • Any other objectionable material as decided by the University
Parking Facility
  • The University provides limited parking space for the two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles of the day scholars for which each student shall be issued a vehicle identity sticker from the office of the Registrar. Any vehicle without the sticker shall not be permitted to enter the University campus. No vehicle of any boarder shall be permitted in the University campus or hostel compound.
  • The student must park their vehicles in the allocated parking zones. Every student using the parking facility must comply with the parking and traffic rules that are displayed in the University Campus.
  • Students using two-wheelers must wear helmets while riding the vehicle. Students without helmets will not be allowed to park their two-wheeler vehicles inside the campus. Exceeding speed limits within the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of blaring horns, loud music and speed above 10 km/hr shall be deemed as an act of indiscipline.
  • Vehicle that makes loud noise like bullet motorbike, etc., shall not be permitted in the University campus.
  • Any violation of these rules will result in the parking facility being withdrawn for the student.
  • The University Library and Laboratory promote a welcoming environment that is conducive for study, research and learning.
  • Students are advised to visit the library/ laboratory regularly and utilize the resources available.
  • Regular Library timings will be from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. on all University working days.
  • Laboratory timings will be as per the academic time-table of respective programs.
  • Every student must sign the Gate Register while entering the Library and produce the Identity Card if required to do so.
  • No Bags / Hand Bags / Raincoats / Jerkins / Casual Wears / Printed Materials will be allowed inside the Library/ Laboratory. Note Pad or Laptops, however, may be allowed.
  • No food items and beverages are permitted in the Library/ Laboratory.
  • Students should maintain silence in the Library/ Laboratory.
  • Anyone engaging in disruptive behavior or otherwise undermining a studious atmosphere may be asked to leave.
  • Disruptive behavior includes verbal abuse, loud talking, shouting, running, sleeping, or any other activity that might disturb the concentration of others.
  • Use of Mobile Phones is not permitted in the Library/ Laboratory. Mobile phone must be kept in "Switch Off" mode while using Library/ Laboratory.
  • Students must always be in University uniform while using Library/ Laboratory. However, students in decent casual wear are permitted only after 5.00 pm on working days and on holidays in the Library.
  • A Book will be issued for 15 days only. However, a student could get it reissued after 12-15 days of the previous date of issue provided another student has not requested for it. Further, the book may be recalled earlier, if urgently required by the Library.
  • Maximum number of Books that can be issued at any time is 6 for UG Students and 8 for PG Students.
  • Periodicals and Reference Books can be issued only for two days.
  • A Book must be returned in the same condition in which it was issued.
  • In case an issued Book is not returned in time, a fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged up to 30 days. If the book is still not returned, double the cost of the latest edition of the book will be charged from the student. No book in exchange will be accepted.
  • Absence from the University will not be allowed as an excuse for delay in return of books.
  • No reminders will be issued to individual defaulters.
  • In case a Book is reported lost or found damaged, double the cost of the book of its latest edition, will be charged from the student. No book in exchange will be accepted.
  • Defacing of books such as marking / underlining/folding of pages etc., is observed, double the cost of the latest edition of the book will be charged from the student.
  • If a student is found guilty of theft, tearing part of the books, and/or causing damage to the library/laboratory property, disciplinary action will be taken against the students with penalties ranging from forfeiture of the Security Deposit to expulsion from the University.
  • Students are not allowed to use personal Memory devices, CDs etc., in the Library/Laboratory.
  • No pirated software(s) will be allowed to be used in Library/Laboratory.
  • Any student found guilty of accessing banned sites and/or pornographic sites and/or material in the Library/Laboratory will be summarily expelled from the University.
  • Use of Library/Laboratory for personal work is prohibited.
  • If a student is found guilty of theft of the materials in the Library/Laboratory, causing damage to any equipment, or violating any of the above rules, disciplinary action will be taken against the students with penalties ranging from forfeiture of the Security Deposit to expulsion from the University.

The University takes due care for the general health and wellbeing of each student. However, the University shall not take responsibility of serious medical conditions arising out of ailments, sickness, injuries, accidents, etc. Treatment for minor ailments and first aid is given in the University Infirmary. In case a student requires further medical attention, he/she will be immediately transferred to the nearest local hospital and the same shall be informed to the parents who will take full responsibility.

All the students of IMS Unison University are covered under a Group Medical Insurance Policy & Personal Accidental Death Insurance Policy. The rules as per the selected Insurance Policy in effect, shall be applicable. The Insurance Company as per their norms shall entertain the claims; the University shall not be liable for any claims whatsoever. Group Insurance is a facility extended to the students of the University and is not binding on the University.

It must be noted, that the University will take all precautions in providing standard medical first aid. The University will not be held responsible for any incident during the provision of this service.

This is also applicable to accidents, which may occur inside the campus, in sport's fields or in any other outdoor sports/ activities, educational tours and journeys to and from the University.


The hostel is student's home away from home. It is expected that the hostellers must maintain complete harmony, brotherhood and camaraderie among themselves.

  • Admission to the Hostel is done on a first come first serve basis by the University Academic Cell. Hostel seat is allotted only for one academic year. Any change in the hostel room can only be made with the prior approval of the University Academic Cell. Students shall have to vacate the hostel rooms along with their entire luggage at the end of the academic year i.e., 30th June or the last day of the end term examination, whichever is earlier.
  • Hostel seat allotment for subsequent academic years shall be done on merit, attendance and availability basis. The hostel room/ seat may change from year on year as per the University Policy.
  • Nomination of a local guardian is imperative for admission to the Hostel, and he/she should be accessible to the Hostel Authorities for contact in times of emergency.
  • Hostellers must collect Hostel ID cards at the time of allocation of hostel seat. Hostellers must carry the Hostel ID card with themselves to prove identity, whenever required.
  • In case a student fails to maintain minimum 75% of his attendance in the program (cumulative of that particular academic year upto the cut off date as decided by the University), withdrawal of admission, expulsion from the University or non payment of any dues of the University, the hostel seat will stand forfeited automatically. The student shall not, under any condition, be entitled for refund of proportionate fees.
Hostel Leave Policy
  • Outpass (Day as well as Night) permission should be obtained on prescribed format only. All the relevant columns in the Outpass form shall be filled legibly and completely. Any incomplete Outpass Form will be summarily rejected. Outpass will be issued only twice in a week.
  • No student shall leave the Hostel without prior sanction of the Outpass by the Hostel warden.
  • Out-time and In-time mentioned in the Outpass shall be strictly followed. If due to some exigency, the students do not report in the hostel as per the dates mentioned, a written confirmation for the same, from the Parent/Local Guardian shall be sent by fax to the hostel warden. Absence of this information will invite strict disciplinary action.
  • The prescribed Night out Form, duly signed by the Parents/Local Guardian must be submitted to the Hostel Warden.
  • Night out permission to Hostel students will be given on Saturday nights/holidays only with prior approval of the Parents/Local Guardian. The form must be submitted two days in advance (from the date the night-out is requested) via fax or scan to the University administration/specified fax number and/or email address. The concerned student may collect the fax/email from the office and submit it in the hostel for further action.
  • One local day outing can be availed on Sunday by University Bus only. The hostel residents are therefore, required to go out and come back to hostel by University Bus only, on Sundays. If the bus services are not availed, Outpasses may be issued (within the quota of two out passes).
  • Hostellers taking leave during the University Vacation should clearly mention the address and phone details for the place where they are going to reside.
  • Hostellers requiring leave for any other purposes other than the above must submit a request letter from their parent for the approval of the Vice Chancellor.
  • In case of students who want to join additional coaching courses for any competitive examination or software packages need to obtain prior approval of the competent authority. This has to be taken after attaching all the relevant documents i.e. letter from the coaching center/Institute, letter from parents, and Fee receipts for such course/classes.
Conduct of Hostellers
  • Hostel rooms are equipped with furniture and fitments. Students occupying the rooms will duly acknowledge by signing the receipt of items in the Inventory Register. Students will be responsible to hand over the items in their original serviceable condition to Hostel Authorities while leaving the room at the end of the academic year/session.
  • Students are not permitted to use private electrical appliances nor tamper with electrical fittings provided in the rooms.
  • All the boarders are supposed to report back to the hostel on or before 6:00 pm failing which the Outpass facility will be withdrawn for a minimum period of two weeks.
  • Hostellers are not allowed to bring Day Scholars/ Outsiders in the hostel premises (inside room or mess).
  • Hostellers are not allowed to bring and park any vehicle inside the Hostel compound or the University campus.
  • Playing music on high volume causing disturbance to other hostellers is not permitted.
  • While leaving the rooms, lights, fans, etc., should be switched-off to avoid wastage of electricity.
  • Writing on doors, walls, furniture, switch plates etc., in the hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • Hostel students shall not hold any meetings or collective activity in the hostel without the prior permission of the hostel warden.
  • Misbehavior with hostel wardens, security, mess personnel and cleaning staff or any other person of the hostel will be treated as misconduct and shall invite disciplinary action.
  • University timings are from 9:15 am to 5:00 pm. During this time students should invariably be in their classes, library and / or labs except those who are permitted to stay in their respective rooms by the Hostel Warden due to sickness.
  • Students are not permitted to keep excessive cash and valuables in their allotted hostel rooms.
  • Intoxicants, Liquor, Tobacco, Explosive and/or weapons (knife etc.) cannot be kept /stored by the student in the hostel premises.
  • Students are not permitted to cook any food item within the Hostel premises.
  • Burning of crackers or playing with colors etc., is prohibited inside the Hostel premises.
  • Student can open their Bank Accounts in OBC Branch in University campus for which necessary assistance can be sought from the Registrar Office of the University.
  • Students falling sick or feeling symptoms of sickness should immediately report to the Warden. First aid facility is available with the Hostel Warden.
  • Hostellers taking part directly/indirectly in any movement or agitation or strike or political activity in the University will be appropriately punished including expulsion from the University.
  • All hostellers will report for the roll call every evening at 7:00 pm in the Reception area of the hostel.
  • Hostellers may use the Library facility after the roll call till the closure of the Library at 9:00 pm. The Hostellers must deposit Hostel ID card in the hostel gate if they desire to visit the Library. The hostellers must be inside the Hostel premises on or before 9:00 pm and may collect their Hostel ID card from the Hostel gate.
  • Guardians/Parents/Visitors can meet their ward before 7:00 pm in the Visitor area only, with prior permission of the Hostel Warden.
  • No parents/guardian/visitors are allowed to stay with the student in their room.
Dining Conduct for Hostellers
  • Students residing in the hostel are required to mandatorily join the Dining facility attached to the Hostel.
  • All meals are served in the dining hall and the students are required to dine in the Dining Hall only. No student is permitted to take food from the Mess to the room. Only with the permission of the Hostel Warden sick hosteller may be allowed to have food in their room.
  • All meals served in the Dining Hall are vegetarian. However, egg is provided as a part of some meals.
  • Meals are prepared keeping in mind uniform taste palate. Individual or specific region based taste palate may not be catered to.
  • Cooking, including making Tea / Coffee in the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Students should queue according to their designated counter.
  • Noise levels should be kept at a minimum in the dining hall.
  • Students are expected to properly wash their hands before and after each meal.
  • Students should properly serve themselves from the counter and take food in adequate quantity.
  • Students should take crockery and cutlery from the designated place and drop the used plates at the washing station.
  • Students should not waste food at all.
  • The student should be punctual for meal timing and must be properly dressed while taking their meals in the mess.
  • The meal timings will be time to time displayed in the hostel notice board and all hostellers are to adhere to the schedule.
  • Laundry services are provided by the University. Clothes are taken for wash twice a week (Wednesday & Saturday).
  • Students are required not to put any items that are delicate or not dyed fast into the Laundry.
Misconduct & Penalties for Hostellers (in case of violation of Hostel Policy):
  • Misbehavior, use of foul language and/or physical assault/force with any fellow hosteller
  • Misbehavior with Guard/Mess Staff/Hostel Attendant
  • Guilty of theft of Hostel property or property of other Hostellers
  • Physical clashes with other hostellers
  • Bursting of crackers
  • Playing with water/fire equipment/colors
  • Causing fire deliberately
  • Possession of electric appliances
  • Cooking in the rooms
  • Bringing outsiders to the Hostel room
Suspension from the hostel for a specified period. Expulsion from the Hostel and forfeiting the Hostel Fee and Deposits.
  • Playing music at high volume
Confiscation of the music system and informing the parents. Suspension from the Hostel for a specified period.
  • Irregularity in reporting for Hostel attendance
  • Late reporting in the Hostel after availing Outpass
Cancellation of Out-Pass for 15 days and informing parents. Suspension from the Hostel for a specified period.
  • Absence from Hostel without permission
  • Misbehavior with Warden/Asst. Warden
  • Possession and/or consumption of narcotic/alcohol/tobacco substances etc.
Expulsion from the hostel
  • Ragging
  • Using mobile phones/cameras computers for any sexual/pornographic activity
Expulsion from the hostel and University
  • The University has its own buses and provides pick up and drop facilities to the students. Students desirous of availing bus facility may fill up the prescribed form attached hereto.
  • The student has to opt for the available pickup/drop point at the time of applying for the transport facility.
  • Transport facility and transport fees are applicable for one academic year.
  • Students will be issued Transport ID cards at the time of allocation of transport facility and must carry the Transport ID card with themselves to prove identity, whenever required.
  • The transport route and pick/drop points are planned considering the best benefit for the entire community using the University Transport system. However, the final route and schedule are entirely at the discretion of the University Authorities.
  • The Transport timings pick up and departure from University Campus are fixed and announced at the beginning of each academic year.
  • The University shall provide only one round of pickup and drop facility to all designated points of the town to entitled students of various programs. Specific drop facility will not be provided to students who may wish to leave early from the University due to any circumstances. The drop facility shall only be provided at 4:45 pm to students.
  • Transport fees are neither refundable nor adjustable under any circumstances.
  • Transportation routes and timings may be altered keeping in view its requirements during examination and other special activities of the University.
  • Misbehavior with fellow passengers, faculty, staff or any transport staff will be treated as misconduct and shall invite disciplinary action.
  • Intoxicants, Liquor, Tobacco, Explosive and/or weapons (knife etc.) cannot be kept /used by the student. Any violation will result in disciplinary action including expulsion from the University.
  • Students must always be in University uniform while boarding the bus.
Terms and Conditions
  • The fee is charged annually and in advance, but for the convenience of the students the fee payment is facilitated in two installments (first in the month of June and the second, in November, irrespective of the date of result and starting date of Semester).
  • The fee/deposits are payable through Online payment (Net-banking/Debit/Credit Card), Bank Demand Draft in favor of ‘IMS UNISON UNIVERSITY’, payable at Dehradun. Payment by cheque and cash shall not be accepted.
  • A Uniform Imprest of Rs.8500/- shall be payable at the time of admission which includes 3 Trousers, 3 Shirts (full sleeves), 1 T-shirt, 1 Track Suit, 1 Tie, 1 Blazer, 1 Pullover and 1 Bag which shall be provided only once at the time of admission.
  • All collections made by the University from the students under the name 'Fee' are not refundable under any circumstances, except as per terms and conditions mentioned in Part-D of this document. All collections made by University from the students under the name 'Deposits' are refundable subject to University rules. The security deposit will be refunded only when the student completes his / her entire Program from the University or withdraws from the University, and after adjusting dues, if any.
  • In case, a student is required to repeat a year, the fee payable by him shall correspond to the year to be repeated and will be as per the Fee Document, as applicable to him, at the time of admission. For the subsequent years, if any, he shall be required to pay the fee, as per the Fee Document, as applicable to him at the time of admission, for the respective year(s).
  • All matters relating to the fee/deposits are the prerogative of IMS Unison University and may be revised by the University without any prior notice. Applicability of all such changes shall be binding on all the students.
  • All disputes arising out of or in connection with this are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts of Dehradun.
Fee Deposit Schedule and Late Fee Rules

Annual Fee is required to be paid at the time of admission and at the beginning of every academic year. The last date for payment of fee for new Admissions will be as mentioned in the respective Provisional Admission letter or before the commencement of the Program, whichever is earlier. In case the student has requested and is allowed for payment of the fee in installments, late fee rules would be applicable as mentioned below (from second installment onwards)...

Fee Deposit and Late Fee Rules First Installment Second Installment
Last date for depositing fee 30th June 30th November
Late Fee Rs. 500/- up to 15th July 15th December
Late Fee Rs. 1000/- up to 31st July 31st December

Name of students who fail to pay their Fee up to 31st July (1st Installment) or up to 31st December (2nd Installment) shall be struck-off the rolls of the University. They would, on payment of fee dues, be required to apply for re-admission to the office of the Registrar and on approval, they would be required to pay a re-admission fee of Rs. 10000/-.

Note: The above rules shall be applicable even if partial dues are outstanding.

Admission Withdrawal and Fee Refund Policy
  • All applications for Admission Withdrawal, Hostel or Transportation withdrawal shall be submitted, in the prescribed form, at the University Front Office.
  • The following refund policy will apply ONLY if the student has properly filled-in and submitted the admission withdrawal form.
  • In case the admission is cancelled due to non-payment of remaining fee by the due date mentioned in the respective Provisional Admission Letter or the student absents himself/ herself from the University without any intimation then the below policy for refund shall not be applicable and the whole amount deposited will be forfeited.
  • Registration Fee of Rs. 1,250/- and Admission Fee of 10,000/- are non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • The dates mentioned in this Policy will apply irrespective of the date of admission.
  • The last date of admission is 31st July 2019.
  • Refund Policy for Program Fees: The applicable amount of deduction has been kept as per below table depending upon date of submission of application of withdrawal by the student.
    Sr. Dates of submission of withdrawal application Deduction from Aggregate Fees
    1 On or before 16th July 2019 Rs. 5000/- as Processing Charges
    2 17th to 31st July 2019 10% of Annual Fees
    3 1st August 2019 to 15th August 2019 20% of Annual Fees
    4 16th August 2019 to 30th August 2019 50% of Annual Fees
    5 On or after 31st August 2019 100% of Annual Fees


    a.   Above refund policy is effective for Academic Session 2019-20.
    b.   Aggregate Fees for above purpose includes Annual Tuition Fees and Academic Services Fees for the Year.
    c.   The dates mentioned in this Policy will apply irrespective of the date of admission.
    d.   In case, deductible amount is more than the amount paid by the student against Annual fees, differential amount will be adjusted from any other amount paid by the student including security deposit.

  • The amount refundable shall be calculated on the basis of date of submission of application for withdrawal. The refund shall be on a "first come first serve" basis. All refunds shall be calculated on the basis of Annual Academic fee i.e. including both installments.
  • Students who are expelled or whose names are struck-off the rolls of the University on account of non-submission of documents/not registering for the term within 30 days of registration date/non-payment of dues or any other reason shall not be entitled for any refund of fee. Only security deposit, after recovery of any dues, will be refunded.
  • In case of a student seeking withdrawal from the Program of study after successful completion of one/more academic year(s), and before the date of registration, the Security deposit along with the fee for that year, if paid, shall be refunded, after adjustment of dues, if any. In case the application for withdrawal is submitted after the date of registration, only the Security deposit shall be refunded, after adjustment of annual fee payable for that year and dues, if any
  • In case of a student seeking withdrawal on account of not getting promoted to the next academic year, the Security deposit along with the advance fee for the subsequent year, if deposited, shall be refunded after adjustment of dues, if any.
  • No interest is paid on refund of any fees/deposit.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the Vice Chancellor, IMS Unison University would be final and binding.
  • All disputes arising out of or in connection with this are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts of Dehradun.
Hostel Fee Policy
  • The Fee Structure of Hostel for the academic year 2019-20 is as under:
    HOSTEL FEE 2019-20 (FOR 10 MONTHS)
    Particulars Amount (INR) Payment
    Hostel Fee 54,000 Annual
    Mess Fee 54,000 Annual
    Laundry Fee 2,500 Annual
    Total 1,10,500  
    Hostel Security Deposit 5,000 One-Time (Refundable)
    Grand Total 1,15,500  
  • Admission to the Hostel is done on a first come first serve basis by the University Academic Cell. Hostel seat is allotted only for one academic year. Any change in the hostel room can only be made with the prior approval of the University Academic Cell. Students shall have to vacate the hostel rooms along with their entire luggage at the end of the academic year i.e., 30th June or the last day of the end term examination, whichever is earlier.
  • Hostel seat allotment for subsequent academic years shall be done on merit, attendance and availability basis. The hostel room/ seat may change from year on year as per the University Policy.
  • If a student withdraws before the commencement of classes or 31st July 2019 (whichever is earlier), only Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only) will be deducted as processing charges and balance amount will be refunded.
  • If a student withdraws after the commencement of classes or 1st August 2019 (whichever is earlier), then complete hostel fee will be forfeited. In such cases only Mess fee and Laundry fee will be refunded @ Rs. 4,500/-(Rupees Four Thousand Five Hundred Only) per month for the remaining complete months upto 30th June, 2020.
  • If a student has availed hostel facility even for one day in a calendar month, then mess and laundry fee for that calendar month shall also be deducted.
  • Students who are absent from the hostel for any reason shall not be given any benefit of fee refund/ adjustment whatsoever.
  • Students who are suspended or expelled from the hostel shall not be refunded any fee (Hostel, Mess or Laundry) under any circumstances. Only Hostel Security Deposit after the recovery of any dues will be refunded.
Transport Fee Policy
Particulars Amount (INR)
Transport Fee (Annual) 22,000
Total 22,000
  • The Transport Fee for the academic year 2019-20.
  • In the event of a student withdrawing from the transport facility before the commencement of the Program or 31st July 2019 (whichever is earlier), the complete transport fee deposited by the student will be refunded after deducting Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only) towards processing charges.
  • In cases where withdrawal is submitted after the commencement of the program or 1st August 2019 (whichever is earlier), no refund shall be made under any circumstances.
  • If a student has availed transportation facility even for one day in a calendar month, then the transport fee for that calendar month shall also be deducted.
  • Withdrawal will be applicable from the next month of the application submission date.

The University provides assistance for Job Placement through its Placement Cell to all the eligible students. This is applicable to all the students at the University, who have duly filled and submitted the Placement Registration Form through SAP Portal. A student who has formally applied for placements by filling up the Placement Registration Form and Undertaking shall only be considered for placement opportunity.

  • Only final year students of all the courses being taught at the university are eligible for the placement process.
  • Training & Placement department issues a user id and password to all the eligible students for their placement registration.
  • The SAP Portal can be accessed from the university web page.
  • After login click on the IMS T&P Cell Placement Form for completing the registration formalities.
  • Students will see two tabs: “Placement Form IMS T&P Cell” and “Placement Form-Company”.
  • For placement registration click on the “Placement Form IMS T&P Cell”, students details are auto filled (which will be provided by the student at the time of admission to the university academic cell). The students will be required to fill their Internship details and other qualifications, certifications if any.
  • Click on submit for submission of the placement registration form.
  • On notification from the Training & Placement cell, students are required to apply for the prospective company through selecting the “Placement-Form Company” Tab.
  • In the “Placement-Form Company” page the students details are auto filled. They are only supposed to click “Company” option and select the prospective company and submit.
  • After doing so the student is eligible to appear for the placement drive of the company selected by him.
Eligibility / University's Facilitation
  • The students shall strictly follow placement rules and regulations, failing which, the student shall be not be allowed to avail the University's assistance in the Placement process.
  • Every student must have a minimum of 75% or above attendance in every semester/trimester in every Course and Co-curricular Programs.
  • The University shall not be extending any placement support to students penalized in Disciplinary cases.
  • Once a student has received a Placement Offer from any organization, he/she would not be allowed to appear for the campus placement process thereafter.
  • In case, a student is under any disciplinary proceedings, the said student shall not be allowed to appear for the placement process, till such time, the disciplinary committee clears his/her name.
  • Eligibility determination for a given job profile is the sole discretion of the Company and no student can challenge the company / T&P department on the same. Also, shortlisting for any given profile is the sole discretion of the Company and the T&P Department has no role to play.
Placement Provision & Guidelines

The student can apply for placement through any of these available provisions:

  • ON CAMPUS: When a company visits the campus and conducts tests / interviews on campus it is deemed to be an 'On Campus Placement'. Even if a part of the selection process is carried on campus and a part of it is conducted off campus, it would fall under the On Campus Placement Category.
  • OFF CAMPUS: The Company might choose to conduct the campus placement drive at a location other than the University campus. Such drives will be called 'Off Campus Placement Drive'.
  • IN COMPANY PLACEMENT: The company might choose a way to recruit the students by calling them at a venue of their choice or taking interviews through electronic means like Skype, telephone or face-to-face at their own office venue. Such placement drives would be called In Company Placement drive.
  • ,
  • In all the above drives, it is important for the students to note that no travel and lodging arrangement expenditures will be borne by the University and whenever asked by the company/ university, the student will have to travel on their own expense and cater to their own stay arrangements.
  • During the entire placement process student will exhibit good conduct and shall follow the instructions given by either the T&P Department or by the Organization.
  • A student appearing for the placement process shall be willing to relocate anywhere in India or even globally, depending upon the organization and its policy. Location is not a matter of choice and finalization of location of posting is the sole discretion of the Company.
  • Any communication regarding any placement offer must be channelized though the concerned officials of the T&P Department. Students should not directly correspond with the company, on matters pertaining to pre-placement offers, negotiating campus placement process, internship / placements of fellow classmates, etc.
  • It is mandatory for students to attend any classes/sessions on Personality development program, drafting/pleading and soft skills etc., being facilitated by the University from time to time, for improvement of performance during the interview/placement process.
  • There is a policy of 'One Student One Job' strictly followed by the University, and once a student is selected / letter of intent / offer is given by a company, he/she will not be allowed to sit for any other company under any circumstance and his / her placement registration shall be closed. For all placements (under the three options listed above), the offer letters must come to T&P Department and then after due process at the University, it will be handed over to the students.
  • Each student is responsible to update his/her contact details, Academic Details with the University Academic Cell and resume with the T&P Department. In case, the contact detail changes, in the interim, it is the responsibility of the students to update the same with the T & P Department and also with the University Academic Cell.
  • Attendance benefit as per the attendance rules will be permitted only to those students who attend the entire proceeding of the Company and a formal list is submitted by the T&P Department to the respective Dean/HOD. In case the process for a particular student gets over early he/she should report back to the respective class and thus attend formal classes.
Dress Code & Discipline for Students During Placement Process
  • During the entire process of campus placement interviews (on campus/off campus) students are required to wear the prescribed University uniform (with Blazer), as per the code of conduct of the University.
  • Students should carry the University Identity Card.
  • Students should be well groomed.
  • Punctuality is a must and all students must be in time for all the Placement activities.
Grounds for Disqualification

A student shall be disqualified on the following grounds, subject to the discretion of the University:

  • Failure to comply with any of the above mentioned guidelines.
  • No student shall bring in outside influence (including parents / relatives/ well-wishers) at any stage/process of Internship or Placement. Doing so, will lead to being "debarred", from the placement process, with immediate effect.
  • A student should not hold back any placement offer from any Organization (incase he/she gets it during Internship / through his/ her own efforts), with respect to final placement. In case, it is found at any stage, that the student has held back any information about any offer, including pre-placement offer, the student shall be liable to disciplinary action and will be immediately debarred from any further placement process.
  • In case any other company through On/ Off / In Company mode makes an offer to such a candidate (whose candidature falls under point iii) during the interim period, his/ her candidature will be liable to be cancelled and his/ her position may be offered to the candidate-in-waiting / On-Hold, if any.
  • Upon being selected by an organization, through the University, the student should join the Organization, as per the terms & conditions, as stipulated in the offer and on such a date as conveyed to the student in writing by the University.
  • Student, after explicitly expressing his/her interest in internship or placement of a particular organization, if backs out from the said process at a later stage, the said student shall be debarred from the subsequent internship or placement process, with immediate effect.
  • Any complaint from the Recruiting Company on misbehavior or no show will automatically lead to debarment of the students from the placement process of the University.
  • Once a student sits for a campus drive (attends Pre Placement Talk / presentation) he/she will not be allowed to leave the process till offer is made or otherwise. A student found missing from such a placement process after giving his/ her name or attending the pre placement talk / presentation (i.e. before the completion of the selection process after having been selected in the initial stages of the process) she/he will get automatically debarred from any future placement activity.
  • The T & P Department may debar any student, on case to case basis, even if the said student(s) does not fall in any of the aforesaid points.
Guidelines for the Issuance of No Objection Certificate to the Students
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) to join an organization prior to completion of the program shall only be issued by the Registrar of the University with the approval of the Vice Chancellor on fulfilling the following conditions.
  • Only if, the student joins the company after fulfilling all the academic requirements of the program as per the University Program Ordinances.
  • Only if, the University organized a campus drive (either ON or OFF Campus) for the company that is making a job offer to them.
  • When he/she is applying through personal efforts, it will be granted only if the placement secured is in an exceptional category 'A' company. (Note: category 'A' company is a company that offers a minimum package of Rs 3.5 lakh per annum or is a Fortune 500 Company. The final call on whether a company is liable to fall under Category 'A' will be taken by the Training & Placement Department.)
  • No NOC will be issued in case the student is joining his/her family business or any other entrepreneurial venture.
  • A student has to formally apply for NOC in writing to the Training & Placement Department. His/Her application will be forwarded with the recommendation of the Faculty In-charge Training & Placement alongwith all the relevant documents, to the Dean/Head of the Department of the concerned School. Based on the recommendations received, and prior approval of the Vice Chancellor, the NOC will be issued by the Registrar of the University.
  • Upon grant of NOC, the student has to:
    • Stay in touch with their respective Mentor/School Head/Dean to update himself/herself of the Academic activities dates such as Mid Term/End Term Examinations/Submission of the Projects /assignment dates/practical/viva etc. This is entirely the responsibility of the student and the University shall not be held responsible for the same.
    • Report to the Training & Placement Department about his / her performance on a monthly basis.
    • Submit a copy of his/her joining report and salary slips to the Training & Placement Department until completion of the program.
  • viii.The University holds the right to reject any NOC application if the University finds that joining the company is not in the academic interest and broader benefit of the student.
  • NOC issued would automatically stand cancelled if any of the above conditions are violated.
  • Each student (while applying for the NOC) would have to submit an affidavit on Rs. 10/- stamp paper (as per the format attached) duly notarized to confirm the acceptance of above guidelines.
Definition of Ragging

"Any conduct by any student or students, whether by word spoken or written or by an act, which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness a fresher or any other student. Exploiting the students from completing academic task and financial extortion. Any act of physical abuse including all its variants – sexual abuse, homosexual assaults, and stripping, forcing obscene and lewd acts, gestures, causing bodily harm or any other danger to health of a person. Any act that prevents disrupts or disturbs the regular academic activity of other students".

Ragging is a cognizable offence and IMS Unison University will take strict action against offenders

Anti Ragging Measures
  • Pursuant to the directives of the Honorable Supreme Court and in accordance with the UGC Regulations, on curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009, the University has constituted the Anti-Ragging Committee and Anti-Ragging Squads for overseeing the strict and meticulous implementation of all the directives. The members of the anti ragging committee and anti ragging squads along with their mobile numbers are being displayed for the benefit of the students specially the newly admitted students.
  • The University educates the students enrolled in various programs at the beginning of each academic year about the Anti-Ragging Policy and zero tolerance for ragging at the University.
  • Each student as well as his/her parents/ guardian, are mandatorily required to submit separate undertakings in the form of an affidavit at the time of admission to the effect that they are aware of the prohibition of ragging and the punishment prescribed both under penal laws as well as under these regulations.
  • Anti-ragging hoardings, banners, billboards are displayed at prominent places in the University campus, including hostels, canteens, messes, cafeterias, buses, playgrounds, lawns, labs, etc.
  • Surprise checks of hostels/canteens/cafeteria/bus stop are carried out regularly.
  • A close and regular liaison is maintained with the local police to guard against the incident of ragging. FIR will be lodged in police station on all reported ragging cases.
  • Daily briefing of fresher's is carried out by counselors and coordinators.
  • An anti-ragging committee of the students is also formed.
  • In case any student encounters ragging by any of the senior students, he/she is immediately required to contact the members of the anti-ragging committee, who will take an immediate corrective action and necessary proceedings will be initiated against the culprits engaged in ragging activities.
Punishment for Ragging
  • Lodging FIR against offender.
  • Rigorous Imprisonment for up to 3 years (under court of law).
  • Fine up to Rs. 2,50,000/- .
  • Expulsion from the IMS Unison University and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution.

IMS Unison University is committed to creating and maintaining a community in which students and employees can work together in an environment free of violence, harassment, exploitation, intimidation and stress. This includes all forms of gender violence, sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of sex/gender or amongst the same sex members.


The IMS Unison University Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment has been framed keeping the following objectives in view:

  • To comply with the directives of the Honorable Supreme Court.
  • To establish an effective mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender based violence at the University.
  • To create and foster an environment at the University that is completely free of sexual harassment in its various forms and to generate public opinion against all forms of gender-based violence.
  • For the purpose of this policy "Sexual Harassment" shall include, but will not be confined to the following:
    • Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and/or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature made, either explicitly or implicitly, in return for a term or condition of teaching/guidance, employment, participation or evaluation of a person's engagement in any University activity;
    • When unwelcome sexual advances and/or verbal, non-verbal, or physical conduct such as loaded comments, remarks or jokes, letters, phone calls or through e-mail or any other communication mediums, gestures, showing of pornography, lurid stares, physical contact or molestation, stalking, sounds or display of a derogatory nature, have the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual's performance or of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment;
    • Forcible physical touch or molestation; Eve teasing, innuendos and taunts, physical confinement against one's will and any other act to impinge upon one's privacy;
    • Any act or conduct by a person in authority and belonging to one sex which denies or would deny equal opportunity in pursuit of education or career development, or otherwise making the environment at the University hostile or intimidating to a person belonging to the other/same sex.
  • This Policy is applicable to all allegations of Sexual Harassment made by a student, against a student, employee or third party, irrespective of whether Sexual Harassment is alleged to have taken place within or outside the University premises.
  • The University has constituted a Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment to take cognizance of complaints about sexual harassment, conduct enquiries, provide assistance and redressal to the victims, recommend penalties and take action against the harasser, if necessary.
  • The disciplinary action shall be commensurate with the nature of the violation and could be in the form of warning, suspension or even expulsion from the University.

A notarized affidavit on a Rs. 10/- stamp paper, as per the format attached as Annexure – XIV in the Admission Booklet, is to be submitted by the Student and Parent/Legal Guardian jointly to the Vice Chancellor, IMS Unison University. This affidavit stands as an acknowledgment and a guarantee by the student and the parent that they have read, understood and accept all the rules, ordinances and policies of the University and they shall always abide by all the rules, ordinances and policies as laid down in this document or as amended and notified from time to time.


The University reserves the sole right to interpret, revise, modify or change all provisions contained in this Admission Booklet 2019-20 and the University Rules, Ordinances and Policies for Students. All rules, ordinances and policies are subject to review and periodic revision.

The Vice Chancellor is responsible for the final interpretation and will decide necessity for reviews, interpretations or possible revisions of the policies. All such changes, amendments and/or additions shall be binding on all students during the total duration of the program.


All disputes in matters related to the Admission Booklet 2019-20 and the University Rules, Ordinances and Policies for Students shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Dehradun only.