Placement Statistics

Batch Placement % School of Management Placement % School of Mass Communication Internship + Placement % School of Law
2018 94.3 90.0 100.0
2019 97.9 97.3 92.3
(as on 20th August., 2020)
82.5 78.0 99.0
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Our Top Recruiters : 2020-21

What makes the T&P Department Unique?

  • A dedicated Team with each member having a rich experience of over a decade in the field of training & placement
  • Dedicated offices in Dehradun and New Delhi
  • STPO Concept, where students are trained to drive the entire training and placement process
  • At least 10 new reputed companies are added each year to the list of recruiting companies
  • Value added inputs in terms of prestigious certifications like SAP, Lean Green Belt Six Sigma, Tally, MS Office and Soft Skills.

Highlights and Achievements - Session 2020-21

  • Total 204 companies visited the campus for placements. 121 companies (On/ Off Campus) for final placement of the students and 83 companies for the Internships of the students across various schools of the University
  • Seven students were placed at a package of Rs. 10 lakh per annum and above
  • Five students got an international placement at an initial package of Rs. 16.67 lakh per annum
  • 93% placement achieved
  • Twelve students got more than two job offers
  • Excellent sector-wise distribution of companies like Banking & Insurance, FMCG, Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Media & Entertainment, Consulting, Financial Services, Retail, Law and Legal Services and Consultancies, information
  • Students got placement opportunities in Fortune 500 companies viz., American Express and FedEx to name a few, and Fortune 500 Indian companies like Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Jet Airways, Berger Paints, besides others.