IMS Unison University

Freshers’ Welcome (UG) 2019

Saturday, 7th September 2019

Freshers’ Welcome (UG) 2019

Amidst great festivity and fanfare the undergraduate students of IMS Unison University gathered in the Seminar Hall, Vedanta, DIT Campus to welcome freshers to the campus on September 7, 2019. The second year students of all Schools came together to throw a grand welcome party for their juniors.


The freshers and seniors alike looked ravishing in their party attires. Adhering to the dress code prescribed by the seniors, the girls dazzled in extravagant dresses while the boys looked dapper in their sleek tuxedoes. The glamour quotient was at an all-time high with temperatures soaring as the well dressed freshers unleashed their best styled avatars.


The dignitaries present on the occasion were the Chancellor,Dr. Gurdip Singh Bahri; the Vice Chancellor, Dr Gautam Sinha; the Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ravikesh Srivastava; the Registrar, Col Pranav Kumar; the Dean, Student Affairs, Dr. K. Ajay Singh; Deans and Heads of various schools and other distinguished faculty members. During the inaugural, the dignitaries ignited the lamp and gave students their blessings. They shared their words of wisdom with the freshers which shall facilitate their smooth journey with the university.


The celebration was replete with foot- tapping dances to contemporary Bollywood hits, romantic soulful song performances and entertaining games that involved participation from the audience. The highlights of the program were drama by the drama club and song performance by Shubham Panwar.


The freshers sizzled the ramp with their breathtaking walk and stunning outfits. Mr. and Miss Fresher were won by Shivansh Saini and Diva Rawat. The Honorable  Vice Chancellor, Dr. Gautam Sinha and the Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Ravikesh Srivastava crowned the winners. The winners were:

Ms. Fresher – Diva Rawat

Mr. Fresher- Shivansh Saini

Ms. Fresher (Runner Up)- Riddhi Singh

Mr. Freshers (Runner Up)- Abhishek Nautiyal

Ms. Talented- Ashna

Mr. Talented - Ajay

Ms. Talented (Runner Up) – Vaishnavi

Mr. Talented (Runner Up) – Adhyan

Ms. Spark- Saumya Pandey

Mr. Spark- Prabhjot

Ms. Spark (Runner Up)- Rishika Arora

Mr. Spark (Runner Up) – Suryansh Vardan

Ms. TomCat- Srishti Naithani

Mr. Panther Walk-  Adnan

Mr. Cool Dude- Shivansh Goel