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National Seminar, School of Law (Day-2)

Saturday, 14th March 2020

National Seminar, School of Law (Day-2)

IMS Unison University’s National Seminar, 2020 came to a close today in the Valedictory Ceremony embellished by Chief Guest, Prof. (Dr.) Kuldeep K. Raina, Vice-Chancellor, DIT University, Dehradun

The ecstatic Two Day event witnessed 5 Technical Sessions and a Skype Session, which incorporated topics that ranged from concept of secularism to emerging challenges towards constitutionalism, fundamental rights and freedom of speech explored in special regards to the freedom of the press, as well as issues regarding women and their upliftment in regards to the constitutional provisions

The effervescent sessions heeded esoteric questions of the chairs which kept the participants on the ball as they prudently faced every logistic and exigency. The dynamic show of these intriguing sessions was filled with facts, proficient foreplay of arguments, profound knowledge of law points, landmark case laws.

The exultant end session was followed by the Valedictory ceremony in which Chairman National Seminar Prof. (Dr.) R. N. Sharma, IMS Unison University warmly welcomed the Chief Guest Prof. (Dr.) Kuldeep K. Raina, Vice-Chancellor, DIT University, Dehradun and participants on behalf of the University. He reiterated that too much concentration has led to self interest in the present scenario, as a result of which violation of constitution can be witnessed in every manner and aspect. In order to bring a change expansion and different connotations have been made to the provisions of the constitution. But at the same time they can apprise while they can also lead to a downfall.

The welcome address was preceded by a concise and vivacious account of the entire event, by Convener of the National Seminar, 2020: Ms. Shalini Bahuguna Bachheti. She acquainted an intricate analysis all of technical sessions and gave an insight of the key issues discussed during the two day conference.

The keynote address was delivered by Chief Guest Prof. (Dr.) Kuldeep K. Raina, Vice-Chancellor, DIT University, Dehradun. In his euphoric declamation, he reprised the importance being witnessing the issues of modern time. There is a need to bring about a change in the views and beliefs of the people. He encouraged the young generation to bring about the change through discussions and deliberations. He also stated that a proper legal system is the need of the hour

The event concluded with the award ceremony incorporating the best papers in the 7 technical sessions.

Technical Session 1

Dr. Sharafat Ali & Md. Saif Ali Khan (Siddhartha law College)

Technical Session 2

Bhoomija Pandey & Jigyasa Kumar (IMS)

 Technical Session 3

Harshita Bansal &Mann Gautam (Geeta Institute of Law, Panipat)

Technical Session 4

Anushka Seenendra & Shiv Santosh (ICFAI University)

Technical Session 5

La Rong (IMS)

Skype Presentation

Saif Rasul Khan (Guwahati University, Assasm)

Best Paper Presenter of Seminar

Tushita (Jammu University)

Best IUU Presenter

Gautam Jaiswal


The Faculty Co-Convener Ms. Arnisha Ashraf expressed thanks and gratitude to the sponsors, participants and the organizing team for successfully conducting this mega event.