School of Mass Communication

Webinar on ‘Television Journalism’ organized by the School of Mass Communication

Monday, 9th November 2020

Webinar on ‘Television Journalism’ organized by the School of Mass Communication


The School of Mass Communication organized a webinar on the topic ‘Television Journalism,’ as part of the SOMC webinar series, on November 9. An alumnus of the School of Mass Communication, Ms. Saumya Sharma, a Television Reporter with CNN-News18 News Channel was the resource person of the event.  


The webinar commenced with an introduction of Ms. Sharma who previously worked with Times Now channel as an Entertainment reporter. Thanking everyone for the warm welcome, Ms. Saumya commenced by discussing the art of conducting interviews for Television. She mentioned how reading newspapers and magazines on films helps an entertainment journalist prepare for interviews with celebrities. She shared the challenges of field reporting and discussed the work of the Input and Output department of a TV organization. She said that one should be well- informed and should be ready to pitch in immediately in any capacity in times of an emergency. 


Ms. Sharma then proceeded to answer the questions of the enthusiastic students. She conversed on her life of interviewing celebrities, advising students to prepare for a career in TV journalism. She told them to practice mock interviews and urged them to learn as much as they can with the facilities provided by the department. 


The webinar then concluded with a vote of thanks. Overall, the session was entertaining and enriching for SOMC students who wish to pursue a career in TV journalism.