School of Law

7th National Youth Parliament Competition, 2022

Friday, 4th February 2022

7th National Youth Parliament Competition, 2022

Day 2 of the splendid event resumed with great vehemence, the debate escalated as the participants put forth properly probed and constructed contentions that kept all at the edge of their seats, the members of the eminent executive board steered the committees with great precision and enlightened the participants with their valuable suggestions. 

Three sessions for each committee was conducted on the second day of the event, the session for the committee Lok Sabha reinstitute with a spate of statements by the delegates, the initial sessions for the committee centred upon the validity and the repeal of sedition laws, that was followed by a discussion on other sub-agenda: Art 19 and relation to sedition law, and a marathon of systematic altercations, discontent and deliberations finally led to the conclusion of the sessions.

The sessions for the National Security Council commenced with, suggestions in the implementation of border area development project as the agenda on board, discussion on sub-agenda items like the border infrastructural development in North Eastern regions took place followed by the crisis session. The sessions for this committee, after receiving diverse suggestions to unravel the problems discussed was, concluded.

The opening session for day 2, Stakeholders meet was dawned with a sense of anticipation, delegates representing different portfolios were allowed to have a lobby discussion to determine the session's sub-agenda, after estimation of the acclamation, Ravish Kumar's agenda garnered the majority votes and became the agenda on the board, following series of questioning, other delegates presented their perspectives on the topic, which were either corroborative or contradicting in character, and were supported by analytical figures relevant to the current pandemic scenario. Subsequently, peroration was delivered by several delegates. The session concluded by asking the participants for feedback on their experiences with the virtual event.

The glorious event drew to a close after two days of ardor on 5th February 2022 with the valedictory ceremony. The ceremony eventuated with the welcome of the chief guest and the respected dignitaries. Mr. Santanu Roy, Acting Dean, School of Law, mentioned how grandiose the 7th National Youth Parliament had been even though conducted in virtual mode, he also stated how youth parliament sculpts and inculcates the qualities in the youth to be a future parliamentarian.

Ms. Garima Trivedi, Faculty Convener, National Youth Parliament,2022 presented a report and gave a brief overview of the event. 

Further Prof (Dr). Gurdeep Singh. Chancellor, IMS Unison University gave an address where he focused on the importance of events like youth parliament, as it aids to develop in the youth, the attributes of a good orator and a parliamentarian.

Hon’ble Chief Guest Prof (Dr) Manoj Kumar Sinha, Director, ILI, New Delhi, illuminated the ceremony by commending the university for conducting a multidisciplinary event like youth parliament, and how cardinal it is, as it serves as a quintessential forum to voice the opinion of youth and foster lifelong skills.