School of Law


    Friday, 29th October 2021


    It’s Day 2 of the 8th National Moot Court Competition and right from the morning, everyone pulled their socks to witness the quarter final round scheduled to be held during the first session of the day. The previous day observed a head on close competition and 8 out of 40 teams made it to the quarter finals. The day took off by briefing the Judges in the 8th National Moot Court Competition 2021.  A total of 8 Judges were invited for the quarter finals hailing from all fields of legal profession which included academics, litigation, scholars and researchers. The hearings were conducted in virtual mode on Microsoft Teams. Despite various hurdles owing to the new virtual approach because of the pandemic, the participants adapted quite well to it. They portrayed a very professional demeanour in presenting the arguments to the Bench and didn’t at all seemed rattled in spite of numerous mind-boggling rebuttals.

    By noon, the hearings winded up and with the declaration of results, the competition geared up to the next level. 4 teams qualified for the semi final rounds, that is TC-03, TC-14, TC-09 and TC-16. 

    Post lunch, everyone gathered once again for the semi-finals that is supposed to be the last blow before the finals. The semi-final round commenced with the briefing of Judges once again and the parties tried hard to cut through the water so aged their arguments. Decorated Professors and eminent members of the bar were invited as the Judges for the day. As expected, the aura of august house started to scintillate when the judges after scrutinizing the arguments raised questions on some landmark aspects of law like TRIPS agreement and if there are any existing provisions relating to compensatory procedures. Soon after the session wrapped up and the results were declared thereafter. After a cut throat competition, 2 out of 4 teams, that is TC-14 and TC-09 made it up to the finals. With this the much eventful day marked its closure with everyone looking forward to the finals with fireflies in heads and the finalists probably prepping to put their best foot forward for the big day.