School of Law


Thursday, 28th October 2021


The 8th National Moot Court Competition 2021, organised by The School of Law, IMS Unison University kick started in all its grandeur. Due to the ongoing pandemic fright, the event was organised in virtual mode.

The first day of the event commenced with the inaugural ceremony moderated by Ms. Kajal Chaudhary, Faculty Co-Convenor & Master of Ceremony. During the ceremony, Prof. (Dr.) R. N. Sharma, Dean School of Law & Director Moot Court Society addressed and welcomed the participants and the judges. This was followed by Chancellor Prof. Dr. Gurdip Singh words of wisdom who advised the participants telling them the significance and the practical aspect of Moot Court. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Paramjit S. Jaswal, Former Vice Chancellor, RGNLU & Sitting Vice Chancellor, SRM University who extended his greetings to the participants and highly appreciated the splendour of IMS Unison University in organising the event every year in a meticulous manner. The ceremony was concluded by Miss Shalini Saxena, Faculty Convenor of Moot Court Society wherein she expressed a cordial gratitude and vote of thanks.

The proceedings of the event furthered with the adviser of Moot Court Society, Adv. Aditya Barthwal briefing the participants and the judges with the Moot Proposition and detailed out the marking criteria. The Moot Proposition for the 8th National Moot Court Competition was based upon the law relating to Intellectual Property Rights and 3 Judges were invited to judge the preliminary rounds of the event at their respective timings.
Soon after the researcher’s test was uploaded on Microsoft Teams, conveniently enabling them to appear for the test from the comfort of their houses. The test was made accessible for 30 minutes and was taken by around 40 participating institutions from all across India.

After the successful conclusion of the inaugural ceremony, the host University finally brought about the two preliminary rounds divided into two further sub-rounds. During the proceedings, the participants tried to trade provisions from all spheres of law ranging from Constitution to International Law, with the judges examining and scrutinising the participants based on the provisions stated by them. Even some substantial conclusions relating to compulsory licensing and hot topics like license to local distributors for supply of vaccines were discussed and debated.

With this, the day came to a close, the results were declared. Out of 40, 8 teams that is:

TC-24, TC-03, TC-19, TC-14, TC-16, TC-20, TC-17 AND TC-09 Made it up to the Quarter Finals scheduled to be held on day 2 of the event with thumping heartbeats everyone looks forward to it.