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Faculty Research Seminar - School of Law

Monday, 31st October 2022

Faculty Research Seminar - School of Law

On 31October 2022, School of Law organized the monthly faculty research seminar. Presentation was made by Dr Ashish Verma; and the seminar was on topic- “Reservation Policy in India: A Legal Analysis”.

Dr Ashish Verma discussed as to the meaning, nature, and scope of reservation policy in country in consonance with the practical implication of the reservation Policies. Number of cases, constitutional provisions and constitutional amendments were discussed. The discussion was very much issue based, audience also had their perspective. This made the discussion lively and engaging. The major points covered included constitutionality and justification of caste-based reservation, differences between ‘caste’ and ‘class’, ‘reservation in promotions’, ‘the idea of creamy layer’, ‘the carry forward rule’ and the most important aspect of the discussion was the conflict and harmonization of judicial and legislative approaches.

The reservation has been a sensitive issue and creates a debatable situation due to the reason the bright or esteemed students face some backlog due to the lack of any reservation in their favour. It is not easy to conclude but the conflicting claims of equality and of merit, were thoroughly discussed.

The Session ended with a question-answer round.