School of Law

Faculty Research Seminar

Saturday, 5th August 2023

Faculty Research Seminar

The Faculty Research Seminar was conducted on 5.8.2023 on the topic of The Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh- the 100th Constitutional Amendment Act of 2015. It was presented by Prof Nikunj Yadav, Assistant Prof (law).  

It was discussed in the seminar that the agreement marked a significant diplomatic and territorial achievement for both nations. This agreement resolved long-standing border disputes and resulted in the exchange of enclaves, which were pockets of land surrounded by the territory of the other country The successful negotiation and implementation of the agreement underscored the strong diplomatic ties between India and Bangladesh. It demonstrated the commitment of both nations to resolving long-standing issues through peaceful means. 

It was further discussed that the agreement not only resolved territorial disputes but also contributed to regional stability and cooperation. It opened new avenues for cross-border trade, connectivity, and people-to-people interactions, fostering economic development and cultural exchange

The session ended on a high note with a question-and-answer session.