School of Law

International Human Right Day

    Friday, 10th December 2021

    International Human Right Day

    International Human Right Day is celebrated every year on 10th December. It is the day when UDHR was accepted by United Nation’s General Assembly on 10th December 1948. This year was the 73rd anniversary of International Human Rights Day. The theme of this year’s International Human Rights Day is “Stand Up For Human Rights”. Indeed, the true universal realization of human rights of every individual can only be achieved by strengthening our voices by collectively speaking up for those who are more vulnerable to violations of human rights. With this auspicious thought School of Law is also Celebrated the International Human Rights Day.

    The event unfolded with the onset of Poem Recital Competition, symbolizing the importance of freedom and expression. The students from different program participated as well as witnessed this spirited Competition

    The event was followed by two skits. The first skit revolved around the life of an individual who was declared dead by the authorities and actually met his fate looking for justice. The second skit pleaded with society to break the walls and norms of caste and religion. The students from BA LLB program and BJMC program conducted the skit to make the audience aware of the adversities common individuals go through in this diverse country.

    The session resumed at 3pm post lunch, where the Guest Dr. B.L. Sharma Addressed the students on the topic of "Terrorism, Human Community and Human Rights: A necessity to accommodate jurisprudential foundations"

    Sirs enlighten us with the concept of humanity, human rights, terrorism and terrorist. Sir quoted that humanity and human rights are not the same thing in the similar manner that all agreements are not contract.  Sir ended his speech by concluding that there should be proper balance of individual interest and common interest in the society.

    The day concluded with a prize ceremony for the Poem Recital competition and the efforts of Convenors and Co Convenor were also appreciated. Since it was the last event to be witnessed by Sir R.N.  Sharma, a vote of thanks was also dedicated to him by ma'am Arti Sharma.  The celebration was, indeed, a remarkable one.