School of Law

Orientation Program- Day 3

    Friday, 3rd September 2021

    Orientation Program- Day 3


    Day 3 of the School of Law orientation 2021 initiated smoothly well on time. The first half of the programme was moderated by Ms. Sakshee Sharma, Co-convener of the Orientation Programme Committee. 

    The first session of the day 3 orientation programme was delivered by Dr. Reena Singh, Associate Professor, Doon University. She enlightened the students about the “Art of Conversation”. In her lecture she exhaustively covered all the verbal and non-verbal aspects required for an effective communication. She laid stress on the importance of the skill of patient listening so as to become an eloquent speaker. Other aspects of communication that she considers imperative are confident body language, polite stance and assertive manner of speaking. Through her lecture she educated the students with the essential facets of communication that are a prerequisite for any lawyer in the making. Thereafter the students put forth their questions which were dealt by Dr. Reena in detail and certain book suggestions were also given to the students to enhance their communication and reading skills.

    The second session was delivered by advocate Mr. Aditya Barthwal on the topic “Art of Advocacy”. In the lecture Mr. Barthwal shared his first-hand experience of the courtroom through various anecdotes to give the students a peek into the world of advocacy. He discussed the importance of certain qualities like perseverance, confidence, consistency, etc. which every ambitious advocate needs to inculcate in his personality. Thereafter he discussed the ‘Seven lamps of Advocacy’ which every law student should know by heart. Honesty, courage, industry, wit, eloquence, tact, judgment are the seven virtues that every lawyer in making should develop his/her professional persona around.

    The second part of the programme was moderated by Ms. Garima Trivedi, Co-convener of the Orientation Programme Committee.

    The third session was delivered by Dr. Shoaib Mohammad, Assistant Dean, School of Law, IMS Unison university. He enlightened the students on the theme “Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities and Art of Making Legal Scholars”. During the lecture, the resource person focused on the importance of the various extra-curricular activities organized by the School of law and what major role each of those play in polishing the students in a holistic manner. Dr. Shoaib Mohammad dealt with each activity in detail and acquainted the students with moot court, legal aid, client counselling, mediation, Model United nations etc. The aim of this lecture was to prepare our budding lawyers to participate in all the co- curricular and extra-curricular activities with much zeal and enthusiasm so as to make their journey through law school enriching and fulfilled. 

    The final lecture for the day was delivered by Mr. Hardik Daga, Assistant Professor of Law, IMS Unison University, on the theme “Carving Out Lawyers Out of Law Students”. The aim of this lecture was to nurture and educate fresh out of school law students on different kinds of activities and events a student might participate in order to enhance his/her advocacy skills. Mr. Daga began his lecture with discussing the basic skills such as researching, drafting and speaking, all of which a lawyer must possess. He elaborated on different kinds of activities and events which are organized inter and intra college at both national and international forums. Such activities include Mooting i.e. Mock Court Room Trial, Debating, Lok Adalats, Legal Aid Camps and various modes of Alternate Dispute Resolution. Participation in these activities will help them improve their writing, research (both offline and online), drafting and oratory skills. A substantial part of the lecture also dedicated to kinds of internships and modes of procuring them.

    Thereafter, the moderator concluded the session with the vote of thanks to all the members who contributed to the smooth conduction of the sessions for the day.