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Personality Development Workshop - School Of Liberal Arts

Thursday, 28th July 2022

Personality Development Workshop - School Of Liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts had organised a three-day workshop exclusively for its students. The session started with a welcome address to the students by our Hon’ble Pro Vice Chancellor Sri- Ravikesh Srivastava Ji, who motivated the students with his talk on utilising the available resources and making the best use of our time.  


Highlights of Day 1:

1-Session on—"Personality Development"By - Mrs.Preeti Pramanik, TPO, SOLA

2-Session on—"Person & Personality" By–Dr. Madhu Prabhakaran, Dean, SOLA

3-Session on—"Cultural Exchange – Benefits" By–Mr. Haru Mehra, President and CEO-Le FREHINDI

4-Session on–"Personality Assessment" By- Dr. Shubham Kirar Suryawanshi.


Highlights of Day 2 & 3:

1- Various sessions by Guest Speaker Ms. Jasmeen Kaur

2- Session on "Professional Effectiveness"

3- Effective Communication Skills

4- E-Mail Etiquette

5- Self-awareness

6- Mock PI Session

7- Feedback


The session highlighted many important aspects of personality, etiquette, communication, soft skills, as well as ways to ace an interview, which would help the students to succeed in their future.