School of Law

Two Days National Seminar (Day-1)

Friday, 19th March 2021

Two Days National Seminar (Day-1)

IMS Unison University’s 7th National Seminar, 2021 proceeded apace, in all its grandeur. The inauguration was preceded today by Chief Guest Prof. (Dr.) S. K Bhatnagar.

The day one of the buoyant event, commenced with the registration of the participants and they received their kits.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with the lighting of lamp followed by Saraswati Vandana and floral felicitation; shadowed by a thought provoking address and an overview of the 7th National Seminar, 2021 by Prof. (Dr.) R.N Sharma, Dean, School of Law; who expressed his gratitude to the Chief Guest for adding lustre to the event by his presence. He discussed the theme of the Seminar on Constitutional Expectations vis-a-vis Constitutional Practices. He in sighted the fact which are being neglected by executed power. The forth and most important pillar of democracy which is media is being misuse by various social media platforms. It’s nothing but derogatory for doctrine of Constitution. Within7 decades of our independence our constitution have faced various wins and losses. As independent judiciary is a soul of independent nation and protector and guardian of fundamental rights which is the Supreme Court have criticized the government for wandering off rule of law. He further enlightens the gathering regarding the seminar deems to focus on the constitutional potential of constitutionalism and the true sight of constitutionalism. 

Further, Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Gurdeep Singh, addressed the gathering by reflecting the fact that whether our Constitution really addresses our constitutional expectations

Further, Prof. (Dr.) Gautam Sinha, Vice Chancellor, admonished the august gathering by his words of wisdom. He accounted that the theme of the seminar Constitutional Expectations vis-a-vis Constitutional Practices can be looked upon form different angles. We take it in the manner of that ‘we the people of India’ have enacted this constitution and desire that our expectations and aspirations written in the form of Preamble.

Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Bhatnagar, (Vice Cha) Hon’ble Chief Guest of the event, in his invigorating declamation, foremost enlightened the gathering regarding the strength of Indian constitution. He quoted that, “Institutions do not tend to become old, only people tend to become old”. He further stated the story and life of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar by Dhananjay Keer. He also quoted that “Indian society is like a multi-storied building without a staircase”. Adding upon to his declamation he stated the fourth notion of constitutionalism i.e. the transformative constitutionalism.

Prof. C. S. Patil Reddy, Keynote speaker apprised the gathering regarding the Constitutional Assembly. He shadowed light upon the drafting of our Constitution and casted the light upon the efforts of great scholars who held their contribution in the drafting of the same.

Dr. Shoaib Mohammad, Faculty Convener, School of Law, concluded the zealous inaugural ceremony with a gratified vote of thanks.


The event began with the First Technical Session which witnessed some exceptional presentation on the concerned topic. The Technical Sessions of day 1 were graced by the erudite and competent experts, Prof. (Dr.) Yugal Kishore and Dean School of Law, Prof. (Dr.) Ram Nivas Sharma.

The participants were to present their papers within a time limit of 10 minutes and they were to be judged on the following grounds: Vocabulary, Presentation, Abstract, Content and Verbal.

The First Technical Session of Day 1 constituted the theme of Contemporary Issues in relation with the Constitutional expectations vis-à-vis Constitutional practices. It comprised a view into the aspiration to achieve income equality in India, the constitutional provisions for Right to Speech and Freedom of Press, relevance of Preamble and its importance in Constitution of India, the scope provided by Constitution for implementation of environmental protection, present-day challenges faced by Democracy, citizenship act of 1955, questionability of Lok Sabha 2014-19, Information security: another aspect of key right to protection, Establishment validity of mental privacy as fundamental right, Ramifications of  expectations.  


The First Technical Session ended on a high note and the event stood witness to great enthusiasm among the participants and the judges alike.