School of Hospitality Management


    Wednesday, 24th February 2021


    Bartending goes back to ancient times. Roman, Greek, and Asian societies had public drinking houses that were social gathering places. Prior to the fifteenth century, bartenders were usually alehouse owners or female innkeepers that made their own liquor. Later, taverns became important places for professionals and writers, and bartenders had a high social status. Bartending then made its way across the ocean to the New World. 

     February 24 th, is celebrated as World Bartender Day around the world. It is a day to appreciate and honour the efforts of Bartenders and appreciate Bartending as a very definite trade with technical skills. 

    The School of Hospitality celebrated World Bartender Day by organizing special session with celebrated bartenders. 

    To observe this day SoHM invited Mr. Kuldeep Singh, Director- Bar Academy of Doon, Mr. Piyush Bora, Winner - Flair Challenge IFBA 2019, Mr. Vinod Gharti, Scotch Whiskey Master & Head Mixologist- Radico Khaitan, Mr.Rajneesh Bharthwal and Mr. Mandeep Singh, the emerging Flair Bartenders. 

    Mr. Kuldeep and Mr. Vinod demonstrated techniques of making classic cocktails and Mr. Piyush, Mr. Rajneesh and Mr. Mandeep showcased flair bartending techniques. 

    The resource persons from bar trade were felicitated by Honourable Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean SoHM.