School of Law


Wednesday, 15th September 2021


On 15th September 2021, IMS Unison University, School of Law (Legal Aid Society) in collaboration with District Legal Services Authority, Dehradun, organized a webinar to celebrate the International Day of Democracy. Since 2008, every year this day is celebrated World-wide by the democratic governments to revaluate the democratic set-up in their State.

In this webinar, the first lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. R.N. Sharma, Dean School of Law. He initiated the lecture with focusing on the early circumstances that were prevalent that resulted in the rise of the concept of Democracy. He explained that the necessity to protect the rights of the varied groups led to the surrendering of their rights to State to ensure enforcement of  these rights by the State. Elaborating on Democracy as the arena where the powers of the State converge with the rights of the people, the resource person discussed the four pillars of Democracy namely, Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Media. He enlightened the students in relation to each pillar and its associated features like separation of power, checks and balances, universal adult suffrage, free and fair elections, to mention the few. He also explained the merits and demerits of the democratic system and stressed that in India we have real democracy functioning.

The second lecture was delivered by Mr. Nikunj Singh Yadav, Faculty, School of Law, IMS Unison University. He briefed the audience with the facts related to the United Nations resolution declaring 15th of September as the International Day of Democracy. He also discussed in brief the salient features of democracy and the important role each feature plays in strengthening the institute of government. He also included certain interesting facts relating to the etymology of the word ‘Democracy’.

The webinar was moderated by Ms Sakshee Sharma, Faculty, School of Law, IMS Unison University.