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Integrated MA in Media & Communication Design with Major and Minor is a five-year degree program with exit options of Certificate after 1 year, Diploma after 2 years, BA Degree after 3 years and BA (Hons.) Degree after 4 years. This program is spread across 10 semesters aimed at providing professional training required to qualify for the current digitization in contemporary media industry. This course also provides Major and Minor in eight different areas including Print Media, Radio, TV, Digital Media, Advertising and Public Relations, Graphic Design, Video Film Design and Animation Film Design. Special emphasis is laid on hands-on practical skills in all these areas with a sound understanding of theory and current developments in the Media Industry.

At the end of Semester IV and Semester X, students are sent for rigorous internship training with media organizations of repute. These trainings help students to experience the practical side of the media world. Additionally, training on the field is provided to better prepare the students for the demands of the media industry.

Why pursue an Integrated MA in Media & Communication Design from IMS Unison University?

  • ‘Catch them Young “Philosophy. This “Catch them Young” Philosophy gives the career an early direction and ensures strong roots. Media & Communication Design as a discipline has always enjoyed a commanding status in society.
  • Outstanding Industry Interface: Regular interactions, guest lectures and workshops from stalwarts of the Media Industry and Academia from India as well as abroad makes students more informed professionals in the making.
  • Excellent Placement Opportunities: The University provides excellent placement opportunities to Integrated BA (Hons.) Media & Communication Design- MA (Media & Communication Design) students in top Media houses, production units and print, electronic and radio stations. The students after successfully completing their degree take up entry level roles in different organizations of repute.
  • Best Media Labs In the region: ‘Opportunity to practice in-house': The University boasts of excellent state of the art Media & Communication Design Labs that are one of their kind in the entire region, to make the students practice and learn in house. The students produce different programs for Print, Radio, Television, Film, Documentaries Graphics , Animation and Digital platforms in-house.
  • Unison Times Newspaper published In-house: Campus newspaper 'Unison Times is published in-house by the students of School of Media & Communication Design is circulated throughout the University. The students are involved in the process of creating and presenting news through Unison Times.
  • Mentoring System: Every student is assigned a faculty mentor every academic term to track the progress of the student on a regular basis. The faculty mentor communicates regularly with parents to update on the progress of their ward.

Career Opportunities

  • The Four - Year BA (Hons) in Media & Communication Design Program prepares a student for media & communication industry, academics and even higher education from India or abroad. Depending on the year exiting in the student can aspire for higher education post BA and BA Hons and Doctoral, post 5 years. It helps one to get into entry-level jobs in areas like Print Media, Radio, TV, Digital Media, Advertising and Public Relations, Graphic Design, Video Film Design and Animation Film Design. They are wellequipped to assume diverse roles like that of a reporter, copywriter, PR officer, radio jockey, editor, graphic designer, news analyst, news reader, columnist, event manager and many more.

Apply Online

  • Online at the University website:
    After filling the "Registration Form”, the candidate has to pay a registration fee of Rs. 1000/- either online through Debit Card / Credit Card /Net Banking or cash at the Cash Counter of the University. On successful payment of registration fee, a receipt will be generated by the system. You will have to save this registration number for all your future reference. You are required to scan and email this receipt along with documents to along with the scanned copies of all the documents required.
    Alternatively, the student can also download the registration form from the website or procure it from the University Admission office, fill it up completely, attach the necessary documents and send it with a Bank Demand Draft of Rs 1000/- drawn in favour of IMS Unison University payable at Dehradun and send it at the postal address of the University.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstance whatsoever. Registering to a Program does not guarantee admission.
  • After the successful registration to the Program chosen, our admission team will check the seat availability and your eligibility for the admission. If you meet the admission criteria, you will be contacted to proceed further as per the Admission procedure of the program.
  • You shall remain in constant touch with our Admission office to know about the status of your registration.
  • Admission Process:
    Personal Interview.
  • Interested candidates can register themselves at the University website or personally visit the University Admission Office to complete the registration process.
  • All eligible candidates will have to appear for a round of Personal Interview. Merit will be formed on the basis of marks obtained in class XII, and Personal Interview Scores.

Online application process


Fill and confirm the registration form


Pay registration fee using any online method


Get registration No. on successful payment

Download fee document Integrated MA in Media & Communication Design

Fee (2024-25)


40% Seats of the intake in the program are reserved for UK Domicile candidates and will be allotted purely on first come first serve basis. The decision of the University in this respect is not open to question

Integrated MA in Media & Communication Design

Program Curriculum

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMC 101 Introduction to Communication and Media
2 IMC 102 Fundamentals of Communication Design
3 IMC 103 History of Media, Art and Design
4 IMC 104 Fundamentals of Electronic Media
5 IMC 105 Print Media
6 IMC 105P Print Media (Practical)
7 IMC 106 Advertising and Public Relations*
8 IMC 106P Advertising and Public Relations (Practical)*
9 IMC 107 Functional English
10 IMC 108P Computer Applications for Media (Practical)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMC 201 Fundamentals of Digital Media
2 IMC 202 Print Design and Production
3 IMC 202P Print Design and Production (Practical)
4 IMC 203 Video Film Design
5 IMC 203P Video Film Design (Practical)
6 IMC 204 Graphics Design
7 IMC 204P Graphics Design (Practical)
8 IMC 205 Digital Photography*
9 IMC 205P Digital Photography (Practical)*
10 IMC 206S Communication Skills and Presentation
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMC 301 Visual Communication and Design
2 IMC 302 Digital Design Tools
3 IMC 303 Sound Design
4 IMC 304 Radio Production
5 IMC 304P Radio Production (Practical)
6 IMC 305 Television Journalism and Production*
7 IMC 305P Television Journalism and Production (Practical)*
8 IMC 306 Environmental Studies, Safety and Disaster Management
9 IMC 307P Social Responsibility and Community Engagement Project
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMC 401 Mobile Journalism*
2 IMC 401P Mobile Journalism (Practical)*
3 IMC 402 Film and Television Appreciation
4 IMC 402P Film and Television Appreciation (Practical)
5 IMC 403 Animation Film Design
6 IMC 403P Animation Film Design (Practical)-I
7 IMC 404 Graphic Design: Illustration and Typography
8 IMC 405 Advertising and Public Relations Campaign Design
9 IMC 406 *Open Electives (Select anyone)
IMC 406E1 Media Industry and Management
IMC 406E2 Corporate Communication and Brand Management
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMC 501 Communication Research
2 IMC 502 Media Laws and Ethics
3 IMC 503 Data Journalism
4 IMC 503P Data Journalism (Practical)
5 IMC 504 Story Telling and Screen Writing for Media
6 IMC 505 Animation Studies: Contemporary Trends
7 IMC 506P Animation Film Design (Practical)-II
8 IMC 507 Layout and Asset Design
9 IMC 507P Layout and Asset Design (Practical)
10 IMC 508S * Professional Elective (Internship Training)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMC 601 Development Communication
2 IMC 602 Event Management
3 IMC 603 Critical Thinking for Media and Communication Design
4 IMC 604S Elective Project Work (Specialization)
IMC 604S-E1 Print Media
IMC 604S-E2 Radio
IMC 604S-E3 Television
IMC 604S-E4 Digital Media*
IMC 604S-E5 Advertising and Public Relations
IMC 604S-E6 Graphic Design
IMC 604S-E7 Video Film Design
IMC 604S-E8 Animation Film Design
9 IMC 605S Personality Development-I
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMC 701 Media Research
2 IMC 702 Digital Media Technology
3 IMC 703 Print Media: Skills, Concepts and Practices
4 IMC 703P Print Media: Skills, Concepts and Practices (Practical)
5 IMC 704 Radio Broadcasting: Technology and Practices
6 IMC 704P Radio Broadcasting: Technology and Practices (Practical)
7 IMC 705 Television Journalism: Skills, Concept & Practices
8 IMC 705P Television Journalism: Skills, Concept & Practices (Practical)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMC 801 Digital Media Technology
2 IMC 802 Graphic Design Aesthetics
3 Major Core –I
4 & II
5 Major Core –III & IV
6 & IV
7 General Elective
8 IMC 803 Visualization Techniques for Animation Film Design
9 IMC 804S Research Project
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMC 901 Media Ethics and Regulations
2 IMC 902 Film Studies and Appreciation
3 IMC 903P Digital Branding and Advertising (Practical)
4 IMC 904P Video Film Design (Practical)
5 Major Elective
6 Minor Elective I
7 Minor Elective II
8 IMC 905S Project Work-Specialization
IMC 905S E1 Print Media
IMC 905S E2 Radio
IMC 905S E3 Television
IMC 905S E4 Digital Media
IMC 905S E5 Advertising and Public Relations
IMC 905S E6 Graphic Design
IMC 905S E7 Video Film Design
IMC 905S E8 Animation Film Design
9 IMC 906S Comprehensive Viva-Voce
10 IMC 907S Personality Development-II
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMC 1001S Dissertation
2 IMC 1002S Professional Elective Internship Training
1 Print Media (PMT)
2 Radio (RBT)
3 Television (TPP)
4 Digital Media (DMT)
5 Television (TPP)
6 Digital Media (DMT)
7 Radio (RBT)
8 Advertising And Public Relations (APR)
9 Graphic Design (GPD)
10 Video Film Design (VFD)
11 Animation Film Design (AFD)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 IMG 101 E Media, Culture and Society
2 IMG 102 E Indian Polity and Governance
3 IMG 103 E Digital Media and Information Age
4 IMG 104 E Radio Program Production
5 IMG 105 E Documentary and Short Filmmaking
6 IMG 106 E Visualization for Animation
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