Faculty Development Programs

The major focus of the Faculty Development Programs (FDP) is on upgrading the teaching, pedagogy and research skills of teachers. The FDPs also provide knowledge-sharing platforms on recent developments in teaching and research methods. Eminent experts invited as resource persons drive the knowledge transmutation process in FDPs. Some of our FDPs are

School of Management

S.No. Event Date Theme
1 Faculty Development Program (FDP) 03 July 2020 “Personal Finance”
2 Faculty Development Program July 20, 2019 Case Methodology as a pedagogical tool
3 Faculty Development Program June 14-15, 2019 AMOS and SEM
4 Faculty Development Program May 31- June 01, 2019 Case Analysis & Writing

Case Analysis and Case Writing

Case Methodology is a popular pedagogical tool in teaching management courses.

Case studies are designed to help in linking a ‘real life’ example to a bigger picture which may be a broad trend or a theory. In preparing or writing a case study, an author has to analyse a specific case in all its complexity and explain the elements.

Case study analysis requires investigation of a business problem, and examination of the alternative solutions to propose the most effective solutions using supportive evidence.

The workshop aims to guide the participants in case study analysis and writing.

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Technique using AMOS.

This Faculty Development program aims to develop an understanding of Structural Equation Modeling using AMOS.

In the present scenario of technological and social change, data has become one of the most important sources of decision-making. Methodology and modelling are the two important tools available for data analysis.

SEM is an extension of the general linear model (GLM) that enables a researcher to test a set of regression equations simultaneously. SEM software can test traditional models and also permit the examination of more complex relationships and models, such as confirmatory factor analysis and time series analysis.

Case Methodology as a pedagogical tool
This one-day FDP will provide an introduction to the usage of print and video cases, and case lets in teaching pedagogy.

School of Law

S.No. Event Date Theme
1 Faculty Development Program June 11-12, 2019 Development of Communication skills and Personality Development


Effective Communication skills play a crucial role in sharpening and shaping one's personality. Communication helps individuals to express themselves most convincingly. Your thoughts, feelings and knowledge should be passed on most desirably, and effective communication skills help you in the same. People with great communication skills tend to have better and more impressive personalities.

It is important to be a good and patient listener for effective communication skills.

To be a successful teacher, one is supposed to have the perfection in communication skills and should possess a charming/attractive personality. The Faculty Development Program of the School of Law will train the teacher/peers to develop these skills so that they can converse with the students in the best manner. The senior legal luminaries, lawyers and professionals will be invited to inculcate in the participants the required qualities to make them a perfect teacher.

School of Media and Communication Design

S.No. Event Date Theme
1 Faculty Development Program October 2019 Mobile Journalism (MOJO): Significance in Digital Age


The FDP is designed for media scholars, professionals, journalists and new media users to provide an opportunity to learn the techniques and explore the trends and advantages of mobile Journalism. The FDP will enable the participants to have a live experience and training to make them more competent and skilled in the use of smartphones for filming, recording audio, file transfer and live transmissions.

School of Liberal Arts

S.No. Event Date Theme
1 Faculty Development Workshop 27th -29th December 2021 Workshop on Research Methodology
2 Faculty Development Program Saturday, Feb 01, 2020 FDP on Ethics & Plagiarism in Publication (SOLA in collaboration with SOHM)

About the FDP

The recent University Grants Commission (UGC) Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions Regulations, 2018 provides guidelines for combating plagiarism and maintaining high standards of academics in higher education. Therefore, the FDP is intended for training faculty of higher education institutions to support the process of successful creation and implementation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and assist faculty in laying the foundation of a strong ethical framework for the youth who are the future of our nation.

Participants may be:

  • Faculty members of universities/institutions
  • Research Scholars
  • Final year UG and PG students who intend to prepare for quality project work/research
  • Faculties of all subjects are encouraged to apply

Proposed Resource Persons: renowned academicians of national and international status.