About the School

The School of Hospitality Management (SoHM) stands as the latest addition to IMS Unison University, embodying the university's vision by delivering comprehensive hospitality education upheld by internationally acclaimed infrastructure and amenities.

SoHM is dedicated to grooming proficient and skilled hospitality industry managers, equipping students to confront the diverse challenges prevalent in the hotel industry. The School's facilities are meticulously designed to offer students top-notch education and training, fostering their holistic development. Cutting-edge laboratories have been established to facilitate practical training, ensuring a hands-on approach to learning.

The School prides itself on its distinctive training facilities, featuring well-equipped Basic and Advanced Training Kitchens, Bakery and Patisserie laboratories, a strategically designed Basic Training Restaurant with a Mock Room Service setup, and an aesthetically designed Advanced Training Restaurant with an international-style Training Bar.

Further enriching the learning experience, the School features a Demonstration Kitchen Studio tailored to train students for cookery shows, ultra-modern Basic and Advanced Training Kitchen Labs, a compact yet comprehensive Housekeeping Practical Laboratory, a well-equipped separate laundry, and a computer laboratory furnished with hospitality training software for individual practice sessions.

Complementing the academic curriculum, SoHM places a strong emphasis on Personality Development right from the initial semesters. The School instils values of courtesy, discipline, sincerity, and hard work while fostering pride in efficient task completion among the trainees. This is facilitated by close teacher-student interactions, ensuring every student receives ample opportunities for growth and development.

SoHM goes beyond academic learning, offering value-added hospitality training alongside specialised sessions such as Life Skills training, Personality Development workshops, Guest Lectures featuring luminaries from the hospitality industry, an on-campus NSS wing, sports activities, and various avenues for physical and mental development.

The School conducts practical sessions in the form of Workshops and Live Demonstrations, granting students extensive exposure to the practical facets of the Hospitality Industry and allowing them to grasp the complexities of this multifaceted trade.

Moreover, SoHM regularly organises an array of activities and workshops, covering Bartending Skills, Flower Arrangement and Towel Origami, Inter-School Culinary Competitions, Bakery Skills, Theme Lunches, Front Office Role-Play sessions, and Quizzes.

At the helm of this educational endeavour is a highly accomplished faculty team drawn from academia, complemented by visiting faculty from esteemed institutions and professionals hailing from the Hospitality and Services sector.



The evolution of a more interconnected and globalised world has significantly boosted tourism and business travel over the past decade. This surge has placed higher demands on the hospitality and hotel industry, necessitating elevated standards of quality and service to meet the diverse needs of travellers.
The trajectory suggests a continual rise in both leisure and business travel in the foreseeable future. This surge underscores the importance of individuals well-versed in the hospitality industry's nuances and latest practices. Additionally, there's a growing demand for professionals with robust hospitality management skills capable of steering businesses towards optimal customer service, satisfaction, and profitability.
The industry is experiencing a significant shortage of trained candidates, evident in the fact that for every student graduating, there exist three to four vacancies waiting to be filled. The School of Hospitality Management (SoHM) offers meticulously curated career programs in Hotel Management, presenting aspiring individuals with global job opportunities.
At SoHM, our arsenal includes state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative teaching methodologies, modernised educational facilities, and a dedicated faculty driven by a fervent commitment to shaping students' personalities, ushering them into the realm of knowledge and expertise. Together, let's embark on this journey to sculpt a distinguished career for you.
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