Internship & Placements

Placement at IUU follows a meticulous process, commencing from student induction and concluding with the receipt of a final job offer. Specific parameters are established for students to qualify for participation in placements, necessitating their formal registration to access both on-campus and off-campus placement opportunities offered by the University. Students who don't register or don't meet these criteria are ineligible to apply for any placement opportunity facilitated by the placement cell.
The Career Services Cell shoulders various responsibilities to enhance training and placement prospects for students. The placement process can be summarised as follows:
The process of placement can be summarized as under:

1. Gap Identification & Skill Development

The Career Services Cell focuses on pinpointing areas such as communication, personality development, business etiquette, and effective decision-making where students can enhance their skills for improved placement prospects. Regular training and development programs are designed to cultivate industry-specific skills in students, aligning with the diverse needs of various sectors.
This Cell remains abreast of the evolving demands of the corporate sphere, ensuring that students are well-prepared to meet these professional expectations and serve the industry proficiently.

2. Grooming & Etiquette Training

The training sessions aim to equip students with skills tailored to adapt their behaviour to contemporary societal standards. These sessions encompass the significance of personal grooming, appropriate business attire, dining etiquette, effective verbal and non-verbal communication, telephone and email etiquette, and overall professional conduct.

3. Personality Development Program

It begins with Personality Mapping—focusing on "I, Me, and Myself"—followed by regular Personality Development programs designed to instil a positive transformation in students' attitudes, body language, and overall personality. These programs aim to facilitate personal growth and refinement.

4. Mock Interviews and Group Discussion

A panel of experts conducts regular mock interviews and group discussions aimed at refining students' communication skills. These sessions serve as opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge across various domains and improve their ability to articulate and communicate effectively.

5. Summer Training & Internship

After their first year, the MBA Full-Time students engage in an 8-10 week Summer Internship during June and July. Our MJMC students participate in a 4-6 week internship program within reputable media organisations after completing their initial academic year. Law students pursue internships after each semester, while BALLB and BBALLB students undertake a substantial internship at the culmination of every semester. BHM students partake in a 20-week internship during the third semester and complete a six-month On-the-Job Training (OJT) within renowned Hotels/Hotel chains/Organizations.
The primary aim of internships is to provide students with a platform to apply learned techniques, cultivate robust decision-making skills, and gain insights into organisational structures and cultures. This hands-on experience facilitates practical learning and professional development within a real-world setting.

6. Pre Placement Talk (PPT)

The Pre-Placement Talk serves as a standard practice fostering interaction between industry representatives and students. Participating organisations are encouraged to conduct brief presentations detailing their company, the potential opportunities available for aspirants, and providing comprehensive job descriptions for the positions they aim to recruit for. The University extends necessary support to facilitate these PPT sessions, ensuring a seamless process for both recruiters and students.

7. Final Placement

The Campus Recruitment Program kicks off in August, initiating with the completion of the Training and Placement Assistance Form. Following this, the Department compiles a list of eligible students eligible for the final placement process. Students who qualify then prepare themselves to showcase their best. The Career Services Cell places a significant emphasis on fostering life skills in our students, achieved through consistent corporate interactions, summer internships, and culminating in final placements. This concerted effort is geared toward enhancing students' preparedness for professional endeavours.

7.1 Life Skills:

The IUU program extends beyond the enhancement of communication skills. It endeavours to instil profound transformations in students' self-esteem and confidence, emphasising the cultivation of ethics, introspection, and values. As students evolve into future managers, they grasp the importance of punctuality and its impact on professional conduct. Leadership and Effective Decision Making emerge as vital attributes for managerial roles. The Life Skills programs concentrate on fostering the following skills in budding managers:
  • Managing and Empowering Self
  • Fostering Team Work
  • Business Etiquette
  • Workplace and Personal Ethics
  • Interpersonal skills, including Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership, Negotiation and Persuasion Skills
  • The Corporate Transition

7.2 Regular Corporate Interaction:

Under the guidance of the Career Services Cell, IUU regularly invites esteemed industry professionals to engage with faculty members and students on campus. These interactions serve to align the academic curriculum offered at IUU with current industrial needs. The university is guided by the principle that all teaching and learning activities across various Management disciplines must resonate with and reflect industrial practices, ensuring students receive relevant education and are in sync with real-world demands.

7.3 Placements & Summer Internships:

Engagement in live projects, national/international industrial visits, networking with professional bodies, and participation in summer internships are integral components that offer our students comprehensive exposure and a deeper understanding of the corporate landscape. These experiences pave the way for our students to secure favourable final placements, leveraging the practical insights and industry knowledge gained through these diverse engagements.