Training & Placement Registration

The initial step toward a student's final placement, facilitated by the University, involves registering with the Training & Placement (T&P) Department. Each year, students interested in internships or placements through the University's efforts must complete the registration form from the provided link. This registration is mandatory for participating in any placement activity facilitated by the University.
However, registration with the department or submission of the form does not guarantee placement. The Placement Committee reviews all submitted forms and creates a list of eligible students permitted to participate in both On/Off-Campus Placements. During registration, students are required to use their domain Mail IDs where necessary.
It's essential to note that while the Department endeavours to invite top companies for both on and off-campus placement drives, Training & Placement assistance is not an inherent right for students. Rather, it's a service provided by IMS Unison University, Dehradun, to eligible students.