School of Law

Two Days National Seminar (Day-2)

    Saturday, 20th March 2021

    Two Days National Seminar (Day-2)

    The National Seminar, 2021 came to a close today in the Valedictory ceremony embellished by Chief Guest Prof. (Dr.) Paramjit S. Jaswal.

    The ecstatic two day event witnessed 3 technical sessions, which incorporated topics that ranged from

    The exultant end session was followed by the Valedictory ceremony in which Advisor, National Seminar and Dean, School of Law, Prof. (Dr.) R. N. Sharma, warmly welcomed the Chief Guest Prof. (Dr.) Paramjit S. Jaswal and participants on behalf of the IMS Unison University. He reiterated that functional way of constitution was analyzed within the 73 years of independence with the slogan of ‘by the people, for the people and if the people'.

    The welcome address was preceded by a concise and vivacious account of the entire event, by Convener of the National Seminar, 2021, Dr. Shoaib Mohammad. He acquainted an intricate analysis all of technical sessions and gave an insight of the key issues discussed during the two day conference.

    The gathering was further addressed by the Pro vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Ravikesh Srivastava. In his euphoric declamation, he reprised that the Indian constitution is the backbone of the country and acknowledges the unity of our diverse culture.

    Then the Chief Guest of the valedictory ceremony, Prof. (Dr.) Paramjit S. Jaswal acquainted the gathering with his words of wisdom. He threw light on constitution as a living text. He stated some of the key factors of our constitution. He also sighted that Rule of law is a golden thread to the fabric of constitution.

    The event concluded with the award ceremony incorporating the best papers in the 7 technical sessions. 


    Technical Session 1   

    Ms. Garima Trivedi (IMS)


    Technical Session 2

    Anu Mishra (Kirit P Mehta School of law, NMIMS University, Mumbai)


     Technical Session 3

    Preyoshi Bhattacharjee and Jyotika Aggarwal (Army Institute of law, Mohali)


    Best Paper Presenter of Seminar

    Kushik Das (NLU Orisssa)


    The technical session II constituted the theme on Constitutional expectation vis-a-vis. Constitutional expectation comprises of various presentation, Constitutional expectation and AMP Article 356 an analysis, Article 356 the failure constitutional machinery in the state, The president rule, proclaimed by the president, Abrogation of constitution transition from judicial activism power of judicial review to set aside government act and improvise administration. Contemporary jurisprudence in India vis-a-vis tortious liability of state evolution of constitutional tort, Transgender community and gender justice in India, lofty ideas or pragmatic solution,

     The Technical Session III was graced by the presence of Dr. Shilpa Jain as the chairperson. The participants with great enthusiasm put before the virtual gathering numerous aspects and value points on Secularism as a solid string of the Indian Constitution and legal activism, the unlawfulness of conversion of religion in regards to fundamental rights of a citizen, fundamental rights of the convicted and prison reforms, scope of secularism in relation to Freedom of religion. During the seminar, mind- boggling questions in apropos of judicial independence in India were discussed by the presenters. Topics related to modern threats to democracy and contemporary solutions for protection of constitutional expectations, the independence of National Human Rights Commission of India were also conferred upon in the virtual seminar.

    The event came to an end with a vote of thanks expressed by the Faculty Co-Convener Ms. Sakshee Sharma, Assistant Professor of Law. She expressed thanks and gratitude to the sponsors, participants and the organizing team for successfully conducting this mega event.