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BA (Journalism and Mass Communication)

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The BA (Journalism and Mass Communication) program offered by the University is a three-year program spread over six semesters. It prepares students with the skills, knowledge and strategic perspectives essential to leadership in media anywhere in the world. It is designed to provide strong functional skills and the ability to apply, adapt and integrate those skills in different media settings.

The program gives an opportunity to the students to excel in Print Journalism, Radio Journalism, Television Journalism, Creative Writing, Public Relations, Event Management, Corporate Communication, Photojournalism and Advertising. This provides a broad foundation of skills and knowledge in diverse functional areas apart from providing the option to specialize in various functional disciplines in journalism. Students are also required to undergo an Internship Program in Media Industry.

Why Pursue a BA (Journalism and Mass Communication) from IMS Unison University?

  • Catch them Young’ Philosophy: This ‘Catch them Young’ philosophy gives the career an early direction and ensures strong roots. Mass Communication and Journalism as a discipline has always enjoyed a commanding status in the society.
  • Outstanding Industry Interface: Regular interactions, guest lectures and workshops with stalwarts of the media Industry and academia from India as well as abroad shape students into more informed professionals.
  • Excellent Placement Opportunities: The University provides excellent placement opportunities to BA (Journalism and Mass Communication) students in top media houses, production units and print, electronic and radio stations. The students after successfully completing BA Journalism and Mass Communication take up entry level positions in different organizations of repute.
  • Best Media Labs in the region: ‘Opportunity to practice in-house’: The University boasts of excellent state- of- the- art Media Labs (print, electronic and radio) that are one of their kind in the entire region to make the students practice and learn in-house. The students produce documentaries in-house.
  • Unison Times Newspaper published in-house: The campus newspaper 'Unison Times is published in-house by the students of School of Mass Communication and is circulated throughout the University. The students are involved in the process of creating news and presenting it through Unison Times.
  • Mentoring System: Every student is assigned a faculty mentor every academic term to track this/her on a regular basis. The faculty mentor communicates regularly with the parents to provide updates on the progress of their ward.

Our Program

  • Various certification programs are organized in association with our training partners to enhance the professional skills of our students so that they have a competitive edge. The program that is incorporated in the curriculum is.
  • National Study Tour (Optional): A National study tour is organized for the students which not only facilitates interface with the Industry but also provides the students with a cultural overview. These provide the students the opportunity of learning through travel, especially to places that they may not otherwise get to visit, an opportunity for close interaction with peers that students enjoy so much, and a chance for the Faculty to observe and interact with the student in a structure different from and more informal than the classroom.
  • International National Study Tour (Optional):An optional international study tour is designed to provide the students with a first-hand experience and engage the students in different training programs/ talks at a University of repute, visiting headquarters or prime facilities owned by several leading industrial brands, and undertaking a guided cultural and heritage exposure tour.

Career Opportunities

  • The BA (Journalism and Mass Communication) program helps one to get into starting - level jobs in areas like print, radio, TV, production houses, event management firms, advertising agencies and PR firms. They are well equipped to assume diverse roles like that of a reporter, copywriter, PR officer, radio jockey, editor, designer, news analyst, news reader, columnist, event manager and many more.
BA (Journalism and Mass Communication)

Program Curriculum

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 BJM 101 Introduction to Mass Communication
2 BJM 102 History of Journalism and Media in India
3 BJM 103 Print Media-I
4 BJM 103P Print Media-I (Practical)
5 BJM 104 Advertising and Public Relations
6 BJM 104P Advertising and Public Relations (Practical)
7 BJM 105 Indian Polity and Governance
8 BJM 106 Functional English
9 BJM 107P Computer Applications for Mass Media (Practical)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 BJM 201 Print Media-II
2 BJM 201P Print Media-II (Practical)
3 BJM 202 Radio Production
4 BJM 202P Radio Production (Practical)
5 BJM 203 Digital Photography
6 BJM 203P Digital Photography (Practical)
7 BJM 204 Design and Graphics
8 BJM 205S Design and Graphics (Practical)
9 BJM 203 Communication Skills and Presentation
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 BJM 301 Introduction to Film Studies
2 BJM 302 Television Journalism and Production
3 BJM 302P Television Journalism and Production (Practical)
4 BJM 303 Web Journalism
5 BJM 303P Web Journalism (Practical)
6 BJM 304 Environmental Studies, Safety and Disaster Management
7 BJM 305P Radio Project Work (Practical)
8 BJM 306 Development Communication
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 BJM401 Mobile Journalism
2 BJM401P Mobile Journalism (Practical)
3 BJM 402 Global Media and Politics
4 BJM 403S Newsroom Practices and Anchoring Skills
5 BJM404P Television Project Work (Practical)
6 BJM405E1 Media Industry and Management
7 BJM405E2 Corporate Communication and Brand Management
8 BJM 406 Film and Television Appreciation
9 BJM 406P Film and Television Appreciation (Practical)
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 BJM501 Communication Research
2 BJM 501P Communication Research (Practical)
3 BJM 502 Media Laws and Ethics
4 BJM 503 Event Management
5 BJM 504 Data Journalism
6 BJM 504P Data Journalism (Practical)
7 BJM 505S-E1 Content Writing
8 BJM 505S-E2 News Analysis
9 BJM 506 Media and Contemporary Issues
10 BJM 507S Social Responsibility Project
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 BJM 601S Elective Project Work (Specialization)
2 BJM 601S-E1 Print Media
3 BJM 601S-E2 Electronic Media: Radio/Television/Film
4 BJM 601S-E3 New Media
5 BJM 601S-E4 Photography
6 BJM 601S-E5 Advertising and Public Relations
7 BJM 601S-E6 Event Management
8 BJM 602S Professional Elective (Internship Training)
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