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Five Year B.A.LL.B (Hons.)

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B.A. LL.B (Hons.) is a five-year integrated semester-based program. An aspirant will become a graduate in arts as well as a graduate in law after completing this course. The B.A. LL.B integrated course offers students to pursue a legal career as well as delve into important subjects from the Humanities field. Students belonging to any field i.e., Humanities, Commerce or Science, can opt for the B.A.LL.B (Hons.) program.

The objective of the B.A. LL.B integrated course is to integrate social, political, and economic aspects with the study of law. It covers honours specialisation options like Constitutional law, Criminal law, IPR, Business and Corporate law, International Trade and Investment Law. Students are imparted education not only through classroom teaching methods but also by means of case studies, field studies, moot courts, and court visits. The course is designed to help the students take on the challenges of the future and play an active role in reforming and uplifting Indian society.

Why pursue 5 Year B.A. LL.B (Hons.) Integrated Degree from IMS Unison University?

  • Highly qualified faculty: All faculty members of the B.A. LL.B integrated course possess UGC NET qualifications and are actively involved in doctoral research, with a significant number having successfully obtained PhD degrees, underscoring the scholarly rigour inherent in our academic environment.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure: The multimedia-enabled classroom features a state-of-the-art moot court, an active legal aid cell, and a mediation centre. Additionally, our well-equipped and prosperous library is adorned with a rich online database, including renowned resources such as SCC Online, Lexis Nexis, Hein Online, and more.
  • Academic processes ensuring industries academia Integration: The academic development process for the B.A. LL.B integrated course is highly conducive and is supported by a myriad of activities, including moot court, trial advocacy, and youth parliament, which collectively contribute to fostering a robust debating culture.
  • High quality academic delivery: Our educational approach for the B.A. LL.B integrated course places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality classroom instruction, bolstered by an up-to-date curriculum meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry.
  • High emphasis on clinical legal education: Our B.A. LL.B (Hons.) degree emphasizes clinical legal education, which is aimed at equipping students with the practical skills requisite for the demands of the legal profession. This approach fosters a commitment to lifelong learning and interdisciplinary engagement, ensuring the comprehensive development of our students.
  • Mentoring and career support: Dedicated and individualised mentoring is offered to guide students in both academic pursuits and career options. Comprehensive assistance in career planning is provided for B.A. LL.B (Hons.) degree students, along with robust support for securing internships and placements.

Our Program

  • Various certification programs are organised in association with our training partners to enhance the professional skills of our students so that they have a competitive edge. The B.A. LL.B (Hons.) degree program that is incorporated into the curriculum is:
  • National Study Tour (Optional): A National study tour is organised for the students, which not only facilitates interface with the Industry but also provides the students with a cultural overview. These provide the students with the opportunity to learn through travel, especially to places that they may not otherwise get to visit, an opportunity for close interaction with peers that students enjoy so much, and a chance for the Faculty to observe and interact with the student in a structure different from and more informal than the classroom.
  • International National Study Tour (Optional): An optional international study tour is designed to provide the students with a first-hand experience and engage the students in different training programs/ talks at a University of repute, visiting headquarters or prime facilities owned by several leading industrial brands, and undertaking a guided cultural and heritage exposure tour.

Career Opportunities

  • Various certification programs are organised in association with our training partners to enhance the professional skills of our students so that they have a competitive edge. The B.A. LL.B (Hons.) degree program that is incorporated into the curriculum is:

Apply Online

  • Online at the University website:
    After filling out the "Registration Form”, the candidate has to pay a registration fee of Rs. 1000/- either online through Debit Card / Credit Card /Net Banking or cash at the Cash Counter of the University. On successful payment of the registration fee, a receipt will be generated by the system. You will have to save this registration number for all your future reference. You are required to scan and email this receipt along with documents to along with the scanned copies of all the documents required.
  • Alternatively, the student can also download the registration form from the website or procure it from the University Admission office, fill it up completely, attach the necessary documents and send it with a Bank Demand Draft of Rs 1000/- drawn in favour of IMS Unison University payable at Dehradun and send it at the postal address of the University.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstance whatsoever. Registering to a Program does not guarantee admission.
  • After the successful registration to the Program chosen, our admission team will check the seat availability and your eligibility for admission. If you meet the admission criteria, you will be contacted to proceed further as per the Admission procedure of the program.
  • You shall remain in constant touch with our Admission office to know about the status of your registration.
  • Admission Process:
    General Aptitude Test & Personal Interview.
  • Interested candidates can register themselves at the University website or personally visit the University Admission Office to complete the registration process.
  • All eligible candidates will have to appear for a round of General Aptitude Tests & Personal Interviews. Merit will be formed based on the percentage of marks scored in Class XII, GAT and PI Scores. CLAT and LSAT scores will be given due weightage.

Online application process


Fill and confirm the registration form


Pay registration fee using any online method


Get registration No. on successful payment

Download fee document Five Year B.A.LL.B (Hons.)

Fee (2024-25)


25% Seats of the intake in the program are reserved for UK Domicile candidates and will be allotted purely on first come first serve basis. The decision of the University in this respect is not open to question

Five Year B.A.LL.B (Hons.)

Program Curriculum

S. No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 BAL 101 Introduction to Political Science 4
2 BAL 102 Introduction to Indian History 4
3 BAL 103 Introduction to Sociology 4
4 BAL 104 Introduction to Psychology 2
5 BAL 105 General English 4
6 BAL 106 Computer Fundamentals and Applications 4
7 BAL 107 Law of Torts, Accidental Claims and Consumer Protection 4
8 BAL 108 Law of Contract-I 4
S. No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 BAL 109 Political Science-II 4
2 BAL 110 History-II 4
3 BAL 111 Sociology-II 4
4 BAL 112 English and Legal Language 4
5 BAL 113 Basics of MS Office 4
6 BAL 114 Law of Contracts-II and Specific Relief 4
7 BAL 115 Legal Methods and Research 4
S. No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 BAL 201 Political Science-III 4
2 BAL 202 History-III 4
3 BAL 203 Sociology-III 4
4 BAL 204 French 4
5 BAL 205 Advanced MS Office 4
6 BAL 206 Family Law-I 4
7 BAL 207 Constitutional Law-I 4
8 BAL 208 English Communication -I 4
S. No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 BAL 209 Political Science-IV 4
2 BAL 210 Applied Psychology 4
3 BAL 211 Data Management and Databases for Law Professionals 4
4 BAL 212 Indian Penal Code 4
5 BAL 213 Family Law-II 4
6 BAL 214 Constitutional Law-II 4
7 BAL 215 Administrative Law 4
8 BAL 216P English Communication - II 4
S. No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 BAL 301 Political Science - V 4
2 BAL 302 Law and Economics 4
3 BAL 303 Application of Artificial Intelligence in Law Profession 4
4 BAL 304 Criminal Procedure Code 4
5 BAL 305 Labour Law-I 4
6 BAL 306 Jurisprudence 4
7 BAL 307 Property Law and Easement 4
8 BAL 308P Books to Courtroom 4
S. No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 BAL 309 Political Science -VI 4
2 BAL 310P Judgement Writing 2
3 BAL 311 Public International Law 4
4 BAL 312 Labour Law-II 4
5 BAL 313 Law of Evidence 4
6 BAL 314 Code of Civil Procedure & Limitation Act 4
7 BAL 315 Specialization-I 4
8 BAL 316 Specialization-II 4
S. No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 BAL 401 Intellectual Property Law-I 4
2 BAL 402 Company Law-I 4
3 BAL 403 Interpretation of Statutes 4
4 BAL 404 Taxation Laws 4
5 BAL 405 Media Law 4
6 BAL 406P Legal Aid and Social Contribution 2
7 BAL 407 Specialization-III 4
8 BAL 408 Specialization-IV 4
9 BAL 409P Career Skills 4
S. No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 BAL 410 Intellectual Property Law- II 4
2 BAL 411 Environmental Law 4
3 BAL 412 Land Laws, Tenure and Tenancy System 4
4 BAL 413 Company Law-II 4
5 BAL 414 Private International Law 4
6 BAL 415P Mediation and Conciliation 2
7 BAL416 Specialization-V 4
8 BAL 417 Specialization-VI 4
S. No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 BAL 501P Drafting of Pleadings 4
2 BAL 502P Drafting of Conveyancing Deeds 4
3 BAL 503 Penology and Victimology 4
4 BAL 504 Cyber Law 4
5 BAL 505 E1 Law on Securities & Financial Markets
E2 Sports Law
6 BAL 506 Open Elective-I 4
7 BAL 507 Specialization-VII 4
8 BAL 508 Specialization-VIII 4
S. No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 BAL 509 Professional Ethics, Values and Accounting 4
2 BAL 510P Observation of Proceedings 4
3 BAL 511 Alternate Dispute Resolution 4
4 BAL 512P Moot Court Exercises and Internship 4
5 BAL 513 Dissertation 5
6 BAL 514 Open Elective-II 4
7 BAL 515P Seminar on IPR Drafting 4
1 Open Elective BAL 506 Local Self Governance and Panchayati Raj
Rent Control in Uttarakhand
2 Open Elective BAL 514 Gender Justice and Law
Right to Information
Constitutional Law Criminal Law Intellectual Property Law Business & Corporate Law International Trade and Investment Law
Human Rights Law (BAL315 C) Criminology and Contemporary Issues (BAL315 CR) Copyright Law and Practice (BAL315 IP) Banking and Negotiable Instruments Law (BAL315 CO) International Economic Law (BAL315 IT)
Health Law (BAL 316 C) Human Rights & Criminal Justice System (BAL 316 CR) Law of Trademarks (BAL 316 IP) Competition Law (BAL 316 CO) International Trade and Investment Law (BAL 316 IT)
Making of India's Constitution (BAL 407C) Comparative Criminal Law (BAL 407CR) Patent Law and Practice (BAL 707IP) Law of Mergers and Acquisitions (BAL 407CO) Law of Export Trade (BAL 407 IT)
Comparative Constitution (BAL 408C) Forensic Evidence and the Law (BAL 408CR) Trade Secrets and the IPR Regime (BAL 408IP) Insurance Law (BAL 408CO) Trade in Services and Agreement on Agriculture (BAL 408IT)
Comparative & Cooperative Federalism (BAL 416C) International Criminal Law (BAL 416CR) Law of Industrial Design (BAL416 IP) Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law (BAL416 CO) International Banking & Finance (BAL 416 IT)
Election Laws (BAL417 C) Socio-Economic Offences (BAL417 CR) Other Forms of IPR (BAL417 IP) IP Issues in Business (BAL417 CO) IP Issues in International Trade (BAL417 IT)
Emigration Law (BAL507 C) Comparative Criminal Procedure (BAL 507 CR) IP Valuation and Management (BAL 507IP) Law of Corporate Taxation (BAL 507CO) International Taxation (BAL 507IT)
Affirmative Action, Justice & Litigation (BAL907 C) Cyber Crimes and Legal Remedies (BAL508 CR) IP Litigation and Dispute Resolution (BAL508 IP) Business Disputes, Litigation and Resolution (BAL508 CO) International Commercial Arbitration (BAL508 IT)
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