HR Policy

HR Policy - IMS Unison University


The IMS Unison University (IUU) endeavours to maintain a work environment that fosters personal and professional growth for every employee. Maintaining such an environment is the responsibility of every employee. The University Authorities and Faculty members have also the additional responsibility to lead in a manner which fosters a healthy working environment based on mutual respect, discipline and a high level of dedication and commitment to achieve the goals of the University.
It is, therefore, the responsibilityof the University and all its employees to
  • Foster cooperation and communication among each other
  • Treat each other in a fair manner, with dignity and respect
  • Promote harmony and teamwork in all relationships
  • Strive for mutual understanding of standards for performance expectations, and communicate routinely to reinforce that understanding
  • Encourage growth and development of employees by helping them achieve their personal goals at IUU
  • Seek to avoid workplace conflict, and if it occurs, respond fairly and quickly to provide the means to resolve it; and
  • Administer all policies equitably and fairly, recognizing that jobs are different but each one is important; that individual performance should be recognized and measured against predetermined standards; and that each employee has the right to fair treatment

Equal Opportunity Policy

It is the policy of University to provide equal educational and employment opportunities and not to discriminate on the basis of age, race, creed, colour, sex, marital status, nationality and religion, in its educational programs, activities or its employment and personnel policies. A fair and supportive environment is provided for all employees regardless of their age, race, creed, colour, sex, marital status, nationality and religion.

Policy Regarding Specially-Abled Employees

The University is committed to providing equal access and opportunities to job applicants and employees who are specially-abled. The University is committed to seek to provide a fair and supportive environment to such employees.

Staff Recruitment, Selection & Pay Scales

The University would endeavour to reach out as widely as possible in order to attract the best talent as faculty and staff. Our existing pay scales are as per UGC norms with 6th Pay Commission& likely to move towards 7th Pay Commission after notification from State Government.
Each new member joining IMS Unison University is expected to become a participant in developing a sustainable quality culture which implies a commitment to the University, a sense for continuous improvement and leaves no place for complacency. Therefore, the potential for professional development is an essential standard for recruitment. For these reasons, decisions concerning employment in all University departments and offices are made on the basis of an individual’s qualifications and experience to meet the University’s objectives and ability to its institutional needs. Only relevant skills and experience and the adherence to the above principles will be considered as basis for employing a person.
In view of the importance of the Culture and Core Values, special attention is paid to the matching between a candidate’s values and the University culture. Whereas from new employees it is expected to respect the University’s culture and values, it is accordingly required from all employees to show an open mind towards new ideas and proposals coming from outside.

General Conditions Relating to Appointments

The following General Conditions shall apply to all appointments for service in the University:
  • Eligibility criteria for appointment of academic, administrative and technical staff shall be as per UGC Norms.
  • For all academic appointments, Ph.D & NET qualification is mandatory.
  • No person shall be eligible for initial appointment unless he has completed the age of 18 years
  • No person shall be appointed unless he has been certified by a Registered Medical Practitionerto be medically fit to discharge his duties
  • No person shall be eligible for appointment who has previously been dismissed, removed or compulsorily retired from the services of any University or any other related organization or from a Department of Central or State Governments or from any other Public / Private undertaking; and
  • No person shall be eligible for appointment who has previously been convicted by the court of law for any criminal offence or an offence involving moral turpitude

Research, Professional Exposure and Development for Academic Staff

The following General Conditions shall apply to all appointments for service in the University:
    • The University seeks to provide professional exposure and development for its Academic Staff with a view to promote quality research and interaction with academia in National and International forum and to interact with Industry/Research Organizations and build the collaborative research capability at the University.
    • Academic staff is encouraged to produce high quality research publications. The University will allocate grants to provide support to promote research. Funding will vary and shall be based on the capacity/capability of the School/Department and is at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor. Provisions will be made as per the criteria and process to be proposed by the Board of Research of the University and approved by the Board of Governors and may cover all or part of the following for confirmed academic staff of the University
    • Registration Fee (as applicable) to publish the paper in National/International Journals.
    • Travel/Accommodation allowances for oral presentations at National/International Conferences.
  • The Registration Fee, Travel and Accommodation allowances will be provided for one National Conference on each completed one year of service as a confirmed employee, and one International Conference on each completed block of five years of service as a confirmed employee, subject to the availability of remaining funds allocated for this purpose in the University Budget
  • The allocation of grants for complete or partial support will be made based on the available grants and recommendations of the Vice Chancellor. Faculty members are also encouraged to get sponsorship/ funding from different agencies at State, National and International level
  • Our goal is to help faculty members increase the effectiveness of their teaching, especially in degree programs viz., undergraduate and post graduate programs, so that they are better able to guide students on journeys of inquiry and discovery. Our Faculty Development Program encourage faculty to participate for short-term, non-degree opportunities that help them learn about new updates in respective industries, apply new technologies, and networking with their academic peers from other institution. Participation in such programs would enable faculty members to update their research and pedagogical skills.

Administrative and Technical Staff

The role of Administrative and Technical staff members is to act as a support framework to the Academic System of the University. The Administrative and Technical Staff are required to show their dedication, efficiency and ability to work alone or as a part of a team.
Training: The University, with a view to upgrade the knowledge and skills of its administrative staff, sponsors the participation in Skill Development Programs. The training programs are aligned as per the job function of the concerned administrative and technical staff. The staff as usual receives the full salary during the period of professional training.