About the School

Welcome to the School of Liberal Arts, a rapidly growing, dynamic, and vibrant community of scholars and writers! Our aim is to excel in teaching, research, and service. We strive to engage students with an array of subjects, both within global and Indian contexts.

Our teaching mission is to motivate students toward a thorough and informed critical study of humanities and social sciences. We focus on fostering connections between reading and writing practices.

As part of the School of Liberal Arts, the department offers programs in English, Psychology, Economics, History, Political Science, and Sociology.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the School of Liberal Arts is to advocate for an ethical Liberal Arts education and research deeply rooted in Social Sciences, Humanities, and related fields.

We bear complete responsibility for our students. Our commitment extends beyond correcting errors in assignments and test papers; we aim to address broader historical, contextual, and institutional factors that may hinder a student's realisation of their full human potential.

As part of a research-oriented university, we encourage all students to engage with the department's research areas. Our faculty members possess diverse interdisciplinary research backgrounds, drawing from extensive teaching experiences in both Indian and international universities. Their ongoing research encompasses diverse fields such as English Language Teaching, Linguistics, Renaissance Humanism, History, Politics, Modernism, Women’s Studies, Speech and Pronunciation, Human Behavior, Communication, Travel Studies, and Creative Writing.


The School of Liberal Arts aspires to become a distinguished multidisciplinary institution, shaping futures through knowledge cultivation and intellectual empowerment.

At IMS Unison University, our programs are uniquely crafted for 21st-century Indian literature students. We acknowledge the necessity for students to bridge their Indian identity, rooted in native languages, with a global identity primarily based on English. Consequently, our curriculum is both regionally grounded and internationally inclined, exposing students to diverse academic traditions across time and space. Our emphasis lies not only on comprehensive reading but also on in-depth exploration. Students delve into the intricate connections between language, literary forms, history, and culture, exploring both similarities and differences across cultural and chronological boundaries.

In today's global landscape, proficiency in clear and articulate English writing is essential. Therefore, the Department offers courses in Academic and Creative Writing as well as Communication, which are mandatory for all students. These courses facilitate effective oral and written communication skills. Through rigorous teaching standards and experiential learning methods, our undergraduates develop self-reflective critical thinking abilities alongside historical and literary analysis skills.

Our broad-based educational approach equips graduates from Liberal Arts programs at IUU with diverse career opportunities, often not readily available to students from more traditional Indian universities.

Career and Advancement Options:

  • Graduates of Liberal Arts programs enjoy the best of both worlds. Much like their counterparts in traditional programs, our graduates have the opportunity to pursue higher studies, leading to academic research positions at esteemed national and international universities. What sets them apart is their versatile training and broad knowledge base, enabling careers in diverse fields such as publishing, counselling psychology, archival work, data management, print and electronic journalism, advertising, and media.
  • Liberal Arts students are equipped for corporate roles involving critical writing and psychological and legal analysis. They are also well-prepared for careers in civil services and academic positions as Research and Teaching Assistants in non-governmental organisations.
  • Our program nurtures individuals capable of excelling in the Public Policy Sector, contributing effectively to policy conceptualisation and execution. A graduate in Liberal Arts is well-equipped to compete with peers from management and legal backgrounds.


Dr. Madhu Prabakaran is a multifaceted scholar with 26 years of experience encompassing teaching, research, training, and management. His diverse interests span across English Literature, Social Sciences, Social Philosophy, Social Work, Human Resource Management, Government Administration, Social Development, Anthropology, Ecological Conservation, Education, and Spiritual Studies, as reflected in his published works. Dr. Prabakaran sees social sciences as both disciplinary and transdisciplinary, united by methodology, which fuels his interest in Liberal Arts.
He holds alumni status from prestigious institutions like the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, University of Calicut, and is a Ph.D. Scholar from Mahatma Gandhi University. His career includes pivotal roles in government projects involving agriculture entrepreneurship, local administration, forest conservation, and urban development, serving as a project manager or consultant.
Dr. Prabakaran has held notable positions at the Kerala Institute of Local Administration, Mahatma Gandhi University, Amity University, and the School of Communication and Management Studies. Before joining IMS Unison, he served as the Academic Dean of Lorven St. Xavier's College in Bangalore.
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