IMS Unison University

5th International Yoga Day Celebrations at IUU

Friday, 21st June 2019

5th International Yoga Day Celebrations at IUU

Joining hands with the rest of the country, IMS Unison University (IUU) celebrated the 5th International Yoga Day on June 21, 2019 with great fervor. Dr. K. Ajay Singh, Dean Student Welfare organized Yoga event at the University which saw grand participation of faculty members from all schools and the administrative staff. The Vice Chancellor Dr. Gautam Sinha, the Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Ravikesh Srivastava and Deans of all Schools also remained present.

The three different sessions dedicated to Asanas, Pranayam and Dhyaan on the special day of International yoga were successfully conducted by Dr. Sushil Rai (Head, School of Mass Communication) and Mr. Rajnish Gupta (Assistant COE). Under their supervision, all the participants practiced and enjoyed a lot. In his address, the Vice Chancellor Dr. Gautam Sinha expressed happiness at the fifth annual celebration of the International Yoga Day. He said that Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India and is now practiced in various forms around the world. Yoga is a union of the body, mind and the ultimate divine soul. He congratulated the University Staff for doing their bit in this national endeavor towards better living.

The Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Ravikesh Srivastava said that Yoga is a very strong and ancient method for meditation which helps in relaxation of mind and body. He expressed that a regular practice of the yoga unfolds the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul.  He congratulated everyone in making the event a success. Dr. Sushil Rai stressed on the need to incorporate Yogic discipline into our daily lives. He said, Yoga is an invaluable gift of Indian culture to the whole world. Yoga is a way of life and it belongs to humanity as a whole. He also threw light on the eight limbs of Yoga with their importance. The participants were taught the basic techniques of some Asanas, Pranayama and Dhyaan. They were also motivated to continue the practice for holistic living. The session was ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Yuvika Gupta, Assistant Professor, School of Management.