School of Law

6th National Seminar, 2020 (Day-1)

Friday, 13th March 2020

6th National Seminar, 2020 (Day-1)

IMS Unison University’s 6th National Seminar, 2020 proceeded apace, in all its opulence. The inauguration was preceded today by Chief Guest, Prof. R. Venkata Rao, Chairperson, Vivekananda School of Law & Legal Studies.

The day one of the ebullient event, commenced with the registration of the participants and they received their kits.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with the lighting of lamp followed by Saraswati Vandana and floral felicitation; shadowed by a thought provoking address and an overview of the 6th National Seminar, 2020 by Prof. (Dr.) R. N. Sharma, Dean, School of Law; who expressed his gratitude to the Chief Guest for adding lustre to the event by his presence. He discussed the theme of the Seminar on Constitutionalism and the contemporary challenges to modern India.  He apprised, the significance of a sound democracy in order to have constitutionalism as there is a link between democracy and constitutionalism. There is a link between the two as they go together and without genuine democracy there can be no constitutionalism. He stated that constitutionalism does not only mean limiting the powers of administration. He further enlightened the gathering regarding the seminar deems to focus on the constitutional potential of constitutionalism and to identify the true sight of constitutionalism.

Further, Prof. (Dr.) Ravikesh Srivastava, Pro Vice Chancellor, admonished the august gathering by addressing the Honorable Chief Guest and also extended his greetings to all the participants, from all esteemed universities. He shed some light upon the ongoing scenario regarding the unawareness of the people considering the constitution, as a result of which lack of knowledge brings conflicts.

Prof. R. Venkata Rao, Chairperson, Vivekananda School of Law & Legal Studies, and Hon’ble Chief Guest of the event, in his invigorating declamation, foremost enlightened the gathering regarding the strength of Indian constitution. He quoted that, “Institutions do not tend to become old, only people tend to become old”. He further stated the story and life of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar by Dhananjay Keer. He also quoted that “Indian society is like a multi-storied building without a staircase”. He also acquainted the gathering regarding a book “Principles of Constitution” of a scholar from Cambridge. The book cites two notions of constitutionalism i.e. positive and negative. He further added to another scholar for the third notion of constitutionalism i.e. global constitutionalism focusing on the humanized state of sovereignty. Adding upon to his declamation he stated the fourth notion of constitutionalism i.e. the transformative constitutionalism. He enlightened the gathering about the first amendment in the constitution referred in the book “16 Stormy Days”.

Prof. Jeet Singh Mann, Keynote speaker appraised the gathering focusing on contemporary issues regarding the accountability of the three organs of administration. He further enthused the gathering with the problems in the functioning of the judiciary, and the legislature.

Ms.Shalini Bahuguna Bachheti, Faculty Convener of National Seminar, concluded the zealous inaugural ceremony with a gratified Vote of Thanks.