School of Law


    Saturday, 30th October 2021


    It is day 3 of the 8th NATIONAL MOOT COURT COMPETITION, 2021 and the students at the host University have gathered at the unison Law School to witness the final proceedings of the event. It actually feels like the soul of the participants have escaped to live in the fiction. They are vehemently arguing before the Judges so firmly as if there is life to the Moot Proposition itself and the battle is not just for the prize but for accolades greater than that. The Judges attention is captivated not leaving a single opportunity untapped to turn tables on the participants.

    The Judges invited for the day were Hon’ble Justice Dinesh Maheshwari, sitting judge at Supreme Court, Justice Gopal Vyas Chairperson to the State Human Rights Commission Rajasthan and Ms. Archana Pathak Dave Senior Advocate on Record Association, Supreme Court.

    It was indeed a cut-throat competition and the petitioner, and the respondent almost felt claustro-congested as rebuttals and questions being posed from all the directions. The major fundamental rights invoked in the Moot Proposition and innumerable case laws were highlighted by the parties and thereinafter questioned by the Bench. After around 2 hours of lively hearings, the proceedings came to an end with everyone looking forward to the team that was supposed to win. However, this was evident that all of this would have boggled the minds of the Judges to decide it fairly.

    Prof. Dr. Ram Niwas Sharma, Dean School of Law and Director of Moot Court Society acknowledged the teams, Judges, and the organising committee for everyone’s co-operation.

    The organising committee thereinafter proceeded with the task of result compilation. Soon after which, Miss Shalini Saxena, Faculty Convenor, grabbed a screen and presented process-verbal on the three days of event. She expressed that it hasn’t been really a cakewalk to organise the event, also sounded quite impassioned and emotional as to how desolate it felt to organise the event without the physical presence of the participants and the Judges in the University campus. At the end of her speech, she bid an adieu to the reverend Judges. The vice chancellor then addressed the committee, participants and the judges and extend a cordial gratitude for their active participation. Later, Justice Dinesh Maheshwari took the stage and appreciated the will of the students and was amused on how the participants crossed the knowledge barrier and presented their arguments even beyond expectation of the judges.

    Soon after, the results were announced and Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur emerged as the winner for the 8th National Moot Court Competition 2021. The first runner up being Christ deemed to be University Bengaluru and Dr. D. Y. Patil, Law College, Pune grabbed the position of second runner up. The event concluded with felicitation of the organising committee done by Prof. Dr. Chancellor Gurdip Singh.

    After which Mr. Kshitij Kumar Rai, Faculty co-convenor expressed a vote of thanks and expressed a heartful thanks to the management, Chancellor, Dean, the organizing committee, faculties, students, and management. Also, a really big thanks to the participants and judges, the heart and soul of the event.

    The event though, came to a close yet there was a distinguished discontent on the faces of the faculties, students and management of the host University, everyone’s finding it quite tough to adhere to this new way of living but the least the mankind can do is to expect and hope that the best is yet to be!