School of Law

8th NATIONAL SEMINAR, 2022 (Day-1)

Friday, 25th February 2022

8th NATIONAL SEMINAR, 2022 (Day-1)

The first day of the 8th National seminar 2022, on the theme Convergence of health laws and practice: recent developments and Contemporary Challenges, inaugurated with the words of gratitude, welcome and wisdom.Starting with the day, the officiating dean of law shed light on the motto of the seminar i.e awareness of health laws and its relevance today.Thereafter, Prof. Gautam Sinha (Vice Chancellor) elaborated on the nexus between law and medical domain and the role of seminar as an insightful forum.Henceforth, Prof. (Dr.) V.K. Ahuja, the chief guest of the event extensively linked the contemporary covid 19 pandemic with various aspects such as public international law, intellectual property rights human rights and the specific adoption of such aspects in Indian legal scenario. He also exposed the hypocrisy of developed states with regard to human rights.Further the ceremony was shadowed by thought provoking address by Prof. (Dr.) R.N. Sharma, Former Dean School of Law, IMS Unison University, who extended warm greetings to the dignitaries. He discussed upon the prevailing theme and stated health to be a primary right. He further elaborated on significant emergence of health law by the virtue of Article 21 and Part IV.

The Keynote Speaker, Prof. (Dr.)  C.S. Patil regarded the theme as “the most appropriate” and propounded the thought of interaction between law and medical practice. He further indicated the bond of ethics with medical association. Lastly, he concluded by praising certain judicial pronouncement as needful and essential. Soon after the break, the participants geared up for presenting their papers. The presentation took place over two technical sessions. Technical Session-1 witnessed various thought-provoking topics and aspects were highlighted. The participants portrayed their analytical and research skills in various spheres such as right to reproductive health, menstrual hygiene management in India impact of intellectual property on public health, etc. The issues such as right to sexual autonomy and right to abortion and surrogation provided room for thought.

The Second Technical Session of Day I constituted the variety of prevailing issues under Medical Law and provided suggestions and remarks on the same. Participants addressed the legal obligatory provisions through international standards, presented alternative system of reproduction under surrogacy laws, supported woman autonomy on reproductive decision, elaborated the role of government and other stakeholders with suggestive remarks on importance of awareness, Rights to emergency & health care supported by plethora of judicial pronouncements and principles related to negligence and malpractices were enumerated in length.

The technical sessions ended on a high note with great enthusiasm from the participants and everyone involved.