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8th NATIONAL SEMINAR, 2022 (Day-2)

Saturday, 26th February 2022

8th NATIONAL SEMINAR, 2022 (Day-2)

Day 2 marked the continuation of the yesterday’s sessions. In session 3 of the event participants dealt with several issues pertaining to social, political and economic aspects of heath and health laws. Cooperative federalism was considered as a means of ensuring comprehensive health care development. Critical evaluation was made of sale and transplantation of human organs, health laws and practice post independence, etc were the topics of presentation. Sensitive and most neglected issues such as menstrual hygiene were raised which received much recognition.

The fourth technical session of Day 2 met with number of crucial and evoking subjects. The participants addressed activism of judiciary, presented contention on mental health, recognized use of assisted reproductive technology, presented a context between ban of commercial surrogacy and benefit sought from scientific progress. Further patents were regarded as barriers, ethnic and mortality concerns were raised in relation to recent pandemic, right to health as a fundamental right was chaired. A legal, political and religious comparison were drawn on various liberty rights, lastly concerns on negligence and malpractices were enumerated. The second technical session ended on a high note.

IMS Unison University’s jubilant 8th National Seminar came to a close today with the Valedictory ceremony. The ceremony began with the report presentation by assistant professor, Dr. Arti Sharma. She gave a brief overview of the two day event.

Thereafter, Prof (Dr.) Gurdip Singh enlightened the event with his illuminating words.  He considered ‘right to health’ as the jus cogen rights of international law.  He reflected on the purpose of United Nations with respect to right to health. He expressed that the right to health is a primary right without which all other rights could not be enjoyed. He also reflected on the role of WHO in promoting the concept of right to health and health services in light of ICCPR and ICESCR. He said, “good health is the pre condition for the existence of all other rights and their enjoyment.

Followed by Prof (Dr.) Ravikesh Shrivastava critically analyzed the Indian health structure and hoped for a better one in the upcoming future. He stressed upon the need of percolating the government initiatives to the grassroots of Indian system so that even the marginalized could be benefitted.

Furthered by the address of the chief guest, Dr. Shantanu Belwal, who extended his warm greetings to the gathering and addressed all on the context between legal and medical sphere. Health in his understanding is not merely absence of diseases but accommodates a holistic domain of human well being. He concluded by stating that justice must be done by all people to their professions.

Further the vote of thanks was delivered by (Pro.) Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastava, Associate Dean, School of Law, who praised the efforts of Organising Team of National Seminar 2022 and presented gratitude for the presence of all.

Lastly, the most awaited results were announced By the Co-conveners in the following categories:-

Technical Session 01 – Aryan Khandelwal- from KLE society’s law college

Technical Session 02- Swamini Patil from  Faculty of Law, MIT-WPU, Pune.

Technical Session 03-  Bhawni Mishra from St. Xavier College, Ranchi

Technical Session - 04- Mr. Ekshit Madan from UNISON UNIVERSITY, DEHRADUN.

Overall Best Paper Presenter – Meghna Bohra from J.B. Law College (Guwahati, India).

This brought down the curtain of the event which turned out to be a successful one courtesy the constant zeal and dedication of the Conveners, Co-conveners along with the heads and members of different committees.