School of Media and Communication Design


Thursday, 23rd November 2023


Lamhe celebrates diversity and talent, leaving an indelible mark on participants from various universities.

Day 1 

- Inaugural ceremony with Dr. Vinay Rana and Dr. Ravikesh Srivastava.

- Schools hosted events: Mind Conclave, Innov-Sprint, Vaad Vivad, Legal Camera, Sweet Treat Culinary Contest, and more.

- Entertainment highlights: Sur Sangam, War of Bands, Grandeur – The Fashion Show, and DJ Night.

Day 2

- Nirtya-O-Logy (Solo, duet, and group dance).

- Schools organised competitions: Innov Sprint, Turn Court, T-shirt Painting, AD Mad Show, and more.

The grand finale featured a lively performance by Gajendra Verma.