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Two Weeks Orientation Program (17th to 29th August, 2020)

Saturday, 29th August 2020

Two Weeks Orientation Program (17th to 29th August, 2020)

IMS Unison university in pursuance of its goal of “E-Learning: The Paradigms of Learning without Constraints”, has set a remarkable precedent by enhancing academic quotient through series of progressive efforts in this direction and by changing dynamics of online learning. When, during a pandemic, everything seemed likely difficult, the university has set records by not just establishing accuracy and regularity in dissemination of knowledge to students but according an efficient platform for successful conduction of academic affairs leaving no stone unturned and making e-learning a ground breaking reality.


When it comes to organizing an online programme, it is vital that every detail is taken care of Orientation Programme, being a platform for first formal interaction that students get to have with the university, it is therefore pertinent that the program is designed in congruence to the ‘high-academic’ level of the institution as well expectation of students. To tackle this, School of Law invited over 20 learned resource persons with immaculate expertise in their subjects.


The biggest challenge for the university in this nascent pattern was to foresee and overcome every possible technical issue and ensure time bound resolution of such problems. For this purpose, the university had constituted a consortium of Technical Support Team and other staff members who worked round the clock to mitigate all possible contingencies that could arise during the Programme conducted in the online setup.


With the university’s vision in mind, the School of Law, under the guidance of Dean, School of Law, Prof. (Dr.) R.N. Sharma, ventured on its journey to plan and design a two-week orientation program for the new batch of 2020. Accordingly School of Law, IMS Unison University organized a two-week Online Orientation Programme from 17th August, 2020 to 29th August, 2020. The program witnessed purposeful interactions of distinguished Academicians, Lawyers and Resource Persons from various spectrum of Legal Profession with 33 enriching sessions with the fresh batch of students.  


overview of the sessions

On 17th Aug 2020, IMS Unison University initiated the two weeks orientation program for welcoming the fresh batch of students for the session 2020-2021. . The programme began with the address by Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Nishtha Jaiswal, Vice Chancellor, HPNLU. The students were also addressed by Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Controller of Examination and Dean Training & Placement of IMS Unison University. These addresses were focused on introducing the students to the university, of which they are destined to be a part of, for the coming several years. The enthusiasm of the students was a spectacle and it could be easily observed through their feedback that they were really delighted to be a part of the IMS Unison Family.


On 18th Aug, the Programme commenced at the School level which was designed and curated specially for the young and enthusiastic students who wish to pursue legal studies. The welcome address was delivered by the Dean School of Law Prof. (Dr.) R.N. Sharma and Ms. Shalini Saxena Convenor of Orientation Program. Ms. Shalini Saxena began the session by briefing the students about the University to instils in the students a sense of wonderment and the students were assured that their decision to be a part of the university is very correct. In the second session, Dean School of Law interacted with the students about the School. He brought to light the unique features of the school which sets it apart from most of the other law schools of the region. The various infrastructural facilities, the amenities, wholesome environment, well qualified faculties, meticulously designed courses and many other features were discussed in the session. He also highlighted the various activities organized by the School of Law. In his subsequent session of the day, Prof (Dr) R.N. Sharma explained the curriculum structure of the various law courses offered by the School of Law, along with their learning objectives and outcomes. For the benefit of the students, he dealt in great detail as to what the student should expect to be learning from the courses that they wish to opt for. He also talked about the career avenues after the completion of these courses that the students can opt for, pursuant to their individual interests. In the last session of the day Dr. Shoaib Mohd Assistant Dean, School of Law, discussed in detail, the importance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at School. In his address he explained that how research is useful to law students.


On 19th Aug, Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Pasricha, guest faculty School of Hospitality Management IMS Unison University, discussed about Intricacies and Techniques of Personality Grooming. He interacted with the students on skills of a good listener, the five important questions to ask oneself before pursuing a vocation, significance of SWOT analysis and how action is the twilight stage in building one’s character. In the subsequent session of the day, Adv. Mr. Adtiya Bartawal, an Aluminus of IMS Unison University enlightened the students about the Art of Advocacy and the skills that one should inculcate in order to excel in their legal career. He briefly discussed various etiquettes to be followed in courts, characteristics of a good lawyer and noteworthy role played by senior lawyers in shaping and modelling the legal interns. He also dwelt upon the subject “Morality and Professional ethics”, wherein he answered questions raised by students which made the session very interactive and purposeful. In the last session of the day, Ms. Garima Trivedi, Asst. Prof. IMS Unison University discussed the importance of Law, Morality and Ethics, and their interdependence. In this interactive session the students were seen to take a keen interest in answering the questions posed by the resource person. The illustrations provided in the session were straight out of the real-life situations.


On 20th Aug, Dr. Charu Mathur, Adv. on Record, Supreme Court of India, interacted with the students on the topic Career Prospective After Legal Education in Corporate Sector and Judicial Services. She clarified many of the doubts that the young minds of students might have had regarding the career options in corporate sector and judicial services. She also gave certain very valuable tips as to how the students should prepare to crack judicial service examinations. In the next session, Ms. Sakshee Sharma, Asst. Prof., IMS Unison University had a healthy discussion with the students regarding various human rights issues under the theme of the session Being Human. She emphasised the importance of reading and understanding the concept of human rights and their application for all people in general and particularly the vulnerable groups of the society. This was explained with the help of screening of an award-winning short film made by National Human Rights Commission.


On 21st  Aug, Mr. Abhijeet Gupta, Area Sales Manager, Lexis Nexis trained students on the Use of e-library and Online Resources to enable the students to enhance their  skills to utilize e-learning platforms, which is a need of the hour. In the last session of the day, Prof. Gautam Sinha, Vice Chancellor, IMS Unison University talked about the Concept of Idea of Justice by citing various jurists and the application of the concept in contemporary times. During his session, the participants were captivated with the much debatable question of what the right thing in situations is? where greater good is at stake vis-à-vis position of individual rights. As a Citizen, he quoted “we should imbibe the spirit of questioning”. Illustrating the much famous hypothetical case of City of Omelas, he discussed the ramifications of greater good and conflicting roles played by virtue and morals in modern society.


On 22nd Aug, Mr. Nitin Gaurav Srivastava, Advocate, discussed the Role of Lawyers as Social Scientists. He emphasized on the importance of a lawyer in bringing about social changes according to the need of the society. In this interesting session, Mr. Nitin, with the help of many personal anecdotes, was able to show the students as to how knowledge of law, opens many avenues for the law students. By citing examples of various news items appeared in the newspapers, convinced the students that every piece of news can be traced back to law and thus proved the fact of the omnipresence of law in our society. The second session was delivered by Mr. Hardik Daga, Asst. Prof., IMS Unison University on the topic Carving Lawyers Out of Law Students. He familiarized the students with the concept of legal aid, Lok- Adalats, permanent Lok- Adalats etc. and the role that these institutions play in administration of justice. The session aimed at educating the students regarding the philanthropic goals of law effectuated through free legal aid and awareness camps. Mr. Vishal Behra, Asst. Prof., Law School ICFAI University, and an alumnus of IMS Unison University, addressed the students in the third session and talked about career prospects in academics after completing higher legal education. The resource person highlighted the quintessential role of a faculty as a motivator by quoting the Japanese proverb “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”.


On 24th Aug, Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Pasricha, guest faculty, School of Hospitality Management, IMS Unison University, in the first session of his interaction with the students while describing the importance of the terms Attitude v. Aptitude and React or Respond, emphasized on developing the habit of listening. He also discussed with the students the importance of developing both attitude and aptitude in order to succeed in life, both personally and professionally. The stories and illustrations discussed by him during the session were quite captivating. Ms. Mrinmoi Chatterjee, Advocate Supreme Court, conducted the second session of the day. She apprised the students with the career perspectives in of the Field of Litigation and Legal Journalism. She out of her personal experience enlightened the students as to what to expect and not to expect in the field of litigation. She eloquently clarified the myths that are attached with the profession of litigation. In the subsequent session, Prof. Ravikesh Srivastava, Pro Vice Chancellor, IMS Unison University, had a discussion with the students on the topic “Alone but not Lonely”. During interaction he emphasised that in times of pandemic you should not have negativity in your mind. You should utilize this time with positivity and should consider this as an opportunity to learn online.  He, at length discussed the impact of covid-19 and how the students should look at it as an opportunity to introspect and develop new skills of learning.


On 25th Aug, Dr. Garima Asstt Professor IMS Unison University apprised the students with various online tools and platforms of learning and their importance in e-learning management systems in teaching. The second session was taken by Prof. Hemant Sharma, former head Dept. of Psychology, JNV University Jodhpur. He emphasized on the importance of being confident in life and how confidence plays an important role in developing a successful lawyer. He also outlined the set of skills which needs to be inculcated by a law student in order to transform themselves into an eloquent and proficient member of the legal fraternity. Dr. Amit Adlakha, COE IMS Unison University, in the third session discussed the importance of evaluation system followed by the university in the process of assessment of the students during their legal education. He pointed out that examinations are playing a crucial role in assessment, in times of a pandemic, the system has been shifted to state-of-the-art software “Artificial Intelligence enabled Examination Software with Proctorial Features.


On 26th Aug, Ms. Sakshee Sharma and Mr. Harsh Kumar, Asst. Prof. of Law at IMS Unison University, interacted with the students on the topic of environmental law and discussed the various problems faced by our planet earth and the respective solutions that need to be applied in order to save the earth. Ms. Sakshee Sharma discussed the problem of intergenerational equity and rights of the future generations over the environmental resources. Mr. Harsh Kumar discussed the remedies and solutions that needs to be implemented i.e. Go Green initiative, precautionary principle, polluter pays principle, public trust doctrine etc. Dr. C.S. Reddy Patil, Professor Karnataka State Law University and Former Vice Chancellor, Karnataka State Law University, in the second and third sessions discussed the role of judiciary as the third pillar of democracy, protection of constitutional values and administrative legality. Deliberating on constitutional concepts like separation of power, independence of judiciary and the doctrine of checks and balances, the resource person highlighted the role played by the judiciary as the sentinel of social equality and justice. He also emphasized on the role played by social realities and public opinion in shaping the modern notions of justice.


On 27th Aug, Mr. Nikunj Singh Yadav, Asst. Prof., IMS Unison University, talked about the Basics of Grund Norm and enlightened the students with the characteristics of the Constitution of India. According to him it reflects simplified multifarious constitutional philosophies by substantiating it in national as well as international horizons. The second session was delivered by Mr. M.L. Kumawat, Former Director General Police, on the very interesting topic of Policing the Society. He highlighted the indispensable role played by the police in maintaining law and order in the society. He also talked about the requirement of greater accountability of the police force and separation of the functionalities into maintenance of law and order and crime investigation. The last session of the day was conducted by Prof. Swati Bisht, Dean Training and Placement and Mr. Pradeep Singh, Deputy Registrar. They talked about the structured process of training and placements made available to the students by the university. The resource person made the students aware of various opportunities of internships that are made available to the students by the designated department of the university, throughout their course.


On 28th Aug, Ms. Maryanka, Asst. Prof., IMS Unison University, discussed about the Changing Dimensions of Money and role played by modern day technologies like blockchains in the future economic sphere. Ms. Maryanka, in the session, discussed about the characteristics features of block-chain technology and prompted that future dependence on blockchains would shape the way we see and think about the world, everything would be stored in decentralized blocks encompassing high security and immutable features facilitating ease of transactions with a greater efficiency and reduced time and cost , nonetheless blockchains like the internet would shape the way future generations use technology for a comfortable living.  Ms. Reena Singh, Head and Associate Professor of School of Social Sciences, Doon University, in the second session talked about the Art of Conversation and Barriers to Communication. Her lecture revolved around the theme that how developing the skill of effective communication can shape the personal and professional relations of an individual. She emphasized on the indispensable role of interpersonal interactive skills in achieving success. Mr. Parikshet Sirohi, Asst. Prof. of Law, Delhi University, in the last session discussed about the various basics of Intellectual Property rights under the topic “My Intellect is mine, none of others”. During this session, he discussed the fundamental concept of Patents and Copyrights substantiating their features with real life case studies. The session was helpful for the students in comprehending how intellectual property laws have a wide application in our day to day lives.


On 29th Aug, Ms. Shaili Diwedi, Sr. Associate E&Y, interacted with the students on the topic Negotiation Skills wherein she detailed out the art and fundamentals involved in Negotiation emphasizing on commercial aspects of negotiation. The session was designed in a manner to create optimum interaction  by giving real life examples of negotiations of big corporate houses. Mr. Harshit Agarwal, formerly associated with IMS Unison University talked about Legal Aspects of Management wherein the scope available to students in Management sectors after the completion of their respective courses was categorically outlined. Legal Entrepreneurship, a nascent domain of Law was introduced to the students during the session. In the subsequent session, Dr. Divya Saxena, Dean School of Liberal Arts along with Dr Shraddha Tripathi and Mr. Shubham Kirar Suryawanshi, Asst. Prof., IMS Unison University discussed about the U curve- Adjusting to College Life i.e. variations in behavioral aspects of students and methods of stabilizing them through counselling. Prof Saksena pointed out that students upon entering the college life begin to have variations in behavior, significant deviations and are exposed to numerous vulnerabilities. These cumulatively result in lowering of self-esteem and generation of self-doubts which can become very unhealthy for students if adequate counselling is not provided to them at the right time. The last session of the day was taken up by Mr. Vishok Kumar Singh, Asst. Prof., IMS Unison University on the topic Let’s be Tech Savvy. In this session he has talked about the importance of upcoming technologies such as Automation, Big Data Analytics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.


At the end, a brief e-report was presented by Ms. Shalini Saxena, Convenor of Orientation Program. Lastly, concluding the Programme, Prof. (Dr.) R.N. Sharma, Dean School of Law extended his vote of thanks to all the participating students, resource persons and the teachers of school of law.