School of Hospitality Management


Tuesday, 1st October 2019


School of Hospitality Management at IMS Unison University, Dehradun organized on the International Coffee Day, that is, 1ST October 2019 a “WORKSHOP ON BARISTA TRAINING” for hospitality students, hobbyist and Coffee Connoisseurs in and around Dehradun. The workshop was attended by hospitality students from SoHM, coffee enthusiast- students from various Schools and hospitality students from GIHM, Dehradun.


 The workshop was aimed at in-depth information on Coffee Botany along with intensive skill training in brewing Espresso Shot, basic Italian coffees, Coffee based drinks and Latte Art, conducted by Mr Tushar Arora, the coffee brew masters with experience from renowned hospitality organizations and certified by UCAI officials.


 This one-day workshop was unique event in Dehradun as it gave the opportunity for hospitality students and coffee enthusiasts to learn by doing, during each session. The session also highlighted upon special coffee based mock tails and designing of café Menu.


Honourable Vice Chancellor Dr. Gautam Sinha, Pro- Vice Chancellor -Dr. Ravikesh Srivastva graced one of the session of the Workshop.