School of Law

Intra Moot Court Competition

Friday, 18th August 2023

Intra Moot Court Competition

Day 1 (18th August)

With heart full of joy, the first day of the Intra Moot Court Competition 2023 organized by the School of Law of IMS Unison University began magnificently. The first day witnessed an amalgamation of nervousness and enthusiasm in the participants as it was the day of Draw of Lots accompanied by Researchers’ Test. The room was filled with participants belonging from sixteen different teams of the university.

 The Draw of Lots begun with picking of the first chit by Hon’ble Chairman of the Moot Court Society Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Verma, Dean School of Law. He congratulated the teams and gave his best wishes to the participants. The Researchers’ test began simultaneously. The researchers of each team were made to sit individually in a different room so as to maintain the confidentiality and discipline of the event. The test was composed of questions from the Constitution, subsequent legislations, and precedents following proposition were asked. The expression of the researchers, some frozen while some relaxed, intensified the excitement for the competition.


Day 2 (19th August)

The second day had a vibe different from the regular days. It was the show day. The participants in their black blazers with memorials in their hands looked all set for the competition. Each and every participant had fire in their eyes, which showed their strong will to win the competition.

The seed of the event was sown by the Chairman of Moot Court Society, Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Verma, Dean School of Law in the delightful inaugural ceremony. The traditional ceremony of taking blessings of Goddess Saraswati was decorously done by Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Verma, Dean School of Law accompanied by Faculty Convener Dr. Shalini Saxena along with the guests of the event Ms. Harshni Slathia, Mr. Yash Mittal, Mr. Parth, Mr. Haider Ali, Ms. Deeksha Rajput and Mr. Shivam Choudhary through lighting of lamp. Hon’ble Chairman Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Verma, Dean School of Law was invited on the stage for his words of wisdom as motivation for the participants. He motivated participants to dust themselves off nervousness and pit their best foot forward. He said, “Mooting is an art; a bundle of skills” which cannot be mastered in a day or two. He emphasized the need of practice and quoted “more one practices, the better one becomes”. The other point which was considerably emphasized by Chairman sir was on how a law student needs to learn court manners as part of their professional life. He said that court manners are something which should be made as a part of conduct by every aspiring law professional.

With the end of judges briefing, the participants filled with passion and zeal moved to the dual Preliminary Rounds began. The competition was based on a moot proposition involving a problem concerned with Constitutional law, Indian Penal Code and other related laws.

The results of the Preliminary Rounds took forward four out of ten teams Semi-Final Round, also called as the Knock-Out Rounds. These teams were TC 011, TC 06, TC 05 and TC 07. The Semi-Final Rounds increased the heart rate of everyone present there anticipating for the results to come soon. The result declared the best two teams which qualified for the final round. The two teams were TC 06 and TC 07.

The Final Round was the most dramatic hour of the clock. The two teams which qualified for this round faced the questionnaire by the brilliant alumni Adv. Hardeep Singh and Adv. Sanya Malik accompanied with Advisor of Moot Court Society, Adv. Aditya Barthwal who were the Judges of the Final Round. The finalists came forward with their best arguments confidently. The room echoed with arguments. Everyone sitting there felt the nervousness of the finalists. The grilling done by the judges added flavor to the competition. The finalists did a commendable job by not fearing instead dealing with the pressure confidently.

The successful completion of the final round was followed by the Valedictory Ceremony. The ceremony was addressed by Chairman, Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Verma, Dean School of Law where he uplifted the enthusiasm of the participants. He said, “Digesting results is an art”. No one should feel himself as a failure if results are unfavorable. The mooting should continue unbothered by whether one wins or loses.

Next, our respected guest Adv. Sanya Malik shared her enthusiasm for the event. She guided every student to battle with the fears that are unlocked and ensure participation in every competition. She shared her experiences as a student in the university and urged every student to make the best of their time in learning new experiences and gaining knowledge.

Next, we had the Advisor of the Moot Court Society, Adv. Aditya Barthwal who congratulated the members of Moot Court Society for successfully organizing the competition. He gave his best wishes to everyone and motivated to carry on the legacy of learning, organizing and experiencing.

At last, but not the least, a momento epitomizing the deep-hearted reverend was presented to the Hon’ble Guests by the dignitaries as a token of respect.

Next up came the minute of Result Announcement which was excitedly done by the Convener of the Moot Court Society. The winners were awarded with prizes by the dignitaries.

·       Best Memorial Award- 09

·       Best Speaker Male- TC 06

·       Best Speaker Female- TC 06

·       Best Researcher- TC 011

·       Best team- TC 06

·       Runner-up Team- TC 07

The event came to end with everyone standing in honor of the National Anthem. All the participants and dignitaries were then requested to move for the group photograph session.