School of Law

Faculty Research Seminar

Saturday, 23rd September 2023

Faculty Research Seminar

The Faculty Research seminar was conducted on 23rd September 2023, Ms. Nimisha Singh presented her research topic “Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Self Efficacy on Psychological Wellbeing of Students”.

She explained the objective of the study as to how emotional intelligence will have a positive effect on the psychological well-being of students and to see if further self-efficacy influences its effect. The nature of her hypothesis was directional and one-tailed. The theoretical concepts of emotional intelligence (Salovey and Mayers), Self-Efficacy (Bandura), and psychological well-being (Carol Ryff) were elaborated upon. Methods of the study involved collecting data from students in Dehradun on the respective three scales and then analyzing the raw data through Freidman’s ANOVA.

The event was participatory from beginning to end. Lastly, the speaker accepted the questions and suggestions from the Dean and other faculty members.